True colours

After spending most of the last week driving in and out of and through Lunenburg, I’m pretty sure that either the whole town is colour blind, or the housepainters are on some trippy drugs.

I mean, really!

Lunenburg house painters must be on some trippy drugs

And the view from the harbour is even more riotous with colour:

Approaching the wharf, Lunenburg Harbour

Even their old abandoned boats are beautiful!

Even the old boat bits are beautiful here

And to think we started out in all that colourless fog. Ottawa is going to seem positively drab by comparison! I’m thinking of painting my house that hot pink from the first picture above, and the trim in that lime green. How much will the neighbours love me?

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5 thoughts on “True colours”

  1. There was a house in my childhood hometown that was ‘that blue house’ because of the garish shade it was painted. You could have ‘that pink house’!

  2. If your neighbours are from the East coast, they will feel right at home with a hot pink with lime green house. LOL
    When we were in Lunenburg we were told, to keep with tradition, that the houses along the waterfront were not allowed to vinyl side their homes. I believe the bright colours were originally done so fishermen could see their homes when coming into the harbour from a day out at sea. The salt water does a number on the paint and homes have to be re-painted regularly.

  3. Oh, you upper Canadians. I’m glad that Paula set you straight. Yes, east coast fishing towns whether they are in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or PEI often paint their houses a very garish colour. It is indeed to give the boys on the boat a better landmark for when they are navigating home.

    Growing up my neighbours house was yellow with red trim and the next house was green with orange trim. All this brick here in Ottawa is very boring.

  4. I just LOVE the first picture with the three different-coloured buildings. Stunning!
    That texture in the boat photo is very cool too.
    Sounds like you had a fun trip. Do you recommend all the driving with young kids? Did they enjoy?

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