This is how much I love my mother

So I’m in Nova Scotia, and I have a lot of stories to tell you already. Like torrential rain for eight straight hours of driving, and the inevitable bit where someone barfs (not me) and someone misses an exit (also not me) and we end up lost and really unhappy for a bit. And the bit about how the Queen arrived in Halifax the same day as us, and the part about how un-freaking-believably beautiful this little house on the ocean really is, and how it’s so foggy I can’t really see more than five feet of ocean but I can hear the fog horns calling out to each other. Truly fan-fucking-tastic.

Nope, this is the story about how my mother is on the way to the Ottawa airport to the Fed-Ex people there, and how I’ll drive to Dartmouth tomorrow to pick up the package that she’s overnighting to me. The package with the key. To the roof rack. With half our luggage, including all the boys clothes except the ones they were wearing yesterday, and all our jackets, and most of the boys toys. Oh yes we did. We locked the Thule rack up nice and tight the night before we left, Beloved hung the keys on the hook, and there they stayed.

Heck, I was planning on heading up to Halifax eventually anyway… tomorrow now seems like the perfect day to do it! Oh, and if you want to see the pix of day 1 on the road, Ottawa to Grand Sault, NB, they’re on Flickr!

Much more to come — for now, I’m going for a walk in the fog at the edge of the ocean… with my boys and my camera. Life is good, and my mother and father are truly a treasure.

Thanks Mom and Dad! I owe you (another) one. Wait, I think after Beau’s great escape, we might be even on this one. 🙂

Edited to add: by the way, UPS told them it would take up to four days and cost $65. Fed-Ex shipped it from Ottawa to Dartmouth from 6 pm to noon tomorrow for $25. Yay Fed-Ex!

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6 thoughts on “This is how much I love my mother”

  1. right after i laughed i felt horrible. i promise;).

    your mom is awesome. and your trip will be so very memorable – it is going exactly how family vacations should go;)).

    reminds me of the time, mark and i left for vacation with baby jake, all the baby accoutrements you could imagine, the suitcases…everything. right? wrong.
    everything except my suitcase. left behind. with everything in it.

    i went shopping;).
    and we had a great time,lol.
    but really, all we remember is leaving the suitcase behind.

  2. On one of our annual trips to Cape Breton, my dad (who planned these trips like nobody’s business, including filling up the wallet with cash, the car with gas and packing the car completely — the night before) discovered at our second stop (the first was a bathroom break on the far side of Montreal) that he was missing his wallet – with ALL the cash. We had to drive 2 hrs back to check if anyone had turned it in (no one had).

    Then he thought about it and realized that he perhaps had not put his wallet in his pocket that morning at 6am in his rush to get on the road. He called our neighbours, who went over and found the spare key and his wallet, who in turn gave the wallet to my uncle who brought it to the Royal Bank, who shipped it to my aunt in Cape Breton (she worked there), who gave it back to my dad. Good thing my mom had a credit card in her purse… and my sister and I had our spending money (cash) we had been saving up for our trip!

    So you’re not the only one, but at least we had clean clothes!

  3. This sounds like something we would do. Thank heavens for family, right? I’m glad that it’s worked out.

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