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by DaniGirl on June 23, 2010 · 2 comments

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I couldn’t believe I had four pages of unposted pictures to sort through since my last Thousand Pictures update just over a week ago, but then I realized I had all the Calypso pictures in there PLUS all the pictures from the photo shoot with Finola. Still, in the snap-happy groove I’ve been in lately, it’s amazing how many shots I’m going through.

Truth be told, I’m considering just calling it a year and starting a new 365 project. I mean, I’m taking just about a picture every day anyway, and some weeks I’m taking a couple dozen. We’ll see! Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing since the last Thousand Pictures post.

One morning I woke up to this really dense, dreamy fog and I had to stop and take some pictures on my way in to work. I really love both of these images, for totally different reasons. This first one is the yellow line down the middle of the road, up close and personal! Cuz really, if you’re going to stand in the road with your camera during the morning rush, a day with practically zero visibility is the most logical day to choose, right?

Middle of the road to nowhere

I changed the colour cast in this one to give it that bluish tint, and I think it really works with this image.

475:1000 Trees in the fog

This was a lovely moment that I stumbled upon and raced out of to get my camera. That soft light behind them seems to add to the serenity of an already peaceful scene.

477:1000 Lazy Sunday afternoon

From no colour to too much colour — this is a longer exposure of the pinwheel in my garden, set spinning by my helper Simon. I set the aperture at f16 to slow down the light a bit, so I could set the aperture to 1/25 to catch the motion blur.

478:1000 Pinwheel in the garden

And, back to desaturated again! Just waking up from naptime… just one of those moments I wanted to keep, because in just a few minutes he’ll be sleeping in a big-boy bed, no more soothers or cribs…

479:1000 Waking up

We were at the boys’ annual school BBQ, and Lucas was fascinated by the visiting fire trucks and this police motorcycle. I figure it’s just a matter of years before he has a motorcycle of his own. He rolls like that. And I loved the composition of this one.

480:1000 Lucas reflected

I’ve been trying to keep up with the jump shots, but holy hell it’s hard to get the timing right! I won’t even tell you how many shots I took this night trying to get air under my feet and Lucas’s feet at the same time. I had to give up for fear my dear old garden bench would collapse!

481:1000 HBM meets June jumping

I can always rely on the boys for great jumping shots, though!

486b:1000 Sprinkler Jump!

This is more Flickr-inspired fun, my first contribution to the group Story People. The quote that goes with this image says “this is the moon dark as a bird wing & softer, he said & at that moment I knew only the joy of my child”.

this is the moon dark as a bird wing & softer, he said & at that moment I knew only the joy of my child

We went out to the flea market at the Rideau Carleton Raceway one Sunday and it was, well, meh. But, driving the back roads back to Barrhaven we came across this bucolic scene and my menfolk were patient enough to stop the car so I could capture a few images.

483:1000 Fields of gold

Lucas had the sense to watch from a safe and dry distance as his brothers goofed in the bloody cold refreshing spray of the “waterpillar” toy from Granny.

486:1000 Sprinkler fun

I haven’t forgotten my TtV gear this week — I managed to get this collage the other morning on my way out to work. I couldn’t decide if I liked the cross processing effect (the slightly more yellow/green toned ones) or not, so I made a collage of some of each.

487:1000 Daisies TtV

I’m not the only one who loves the daisies that grow in my garden. Isn’t he perfectly lovely?

484:1000 Lucas loves daisies

I love this shot, one of those rare and perfectly serendipitous captures when everything comes together. I was out with my photography class on Friday night, supposedly shooting landscapes at Hogsback Falls. I was, to be honest, a little bored with the whole landscape thing when I looked up on the rocks above me and saw this woman sitting against a tree, reading and enjoying the last minutes of golden light before the sun set.

485:1000 Hogsback reader

I had my tripod set up, and so the image is far sharper than my usual hand-held shots. I absolutely love how the fence and the tree intersect right where she is sitting, and the bit of diagonal to the fence line, and that delicious golden light. And, most of all, that HAT — perfection!

After I’d taken a few shots and knew I had my keeper, I scrambled up the rocks a bit to say hi and let her know I’d taken her picture, and gave her one of my little moo cards with my blog and contact info on it, and told her that if the picture turned out as nice as I thought it might, she could have a copy if she wanted one. She was very sweet, and thanked me. So that’s also #5 in my very lack-a-daisical hundred strangers project, too!

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1 liz June 23, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Those are gorgeous! I thought the windmill one was of a bubble.

2 Finola June 23, 2010 at 10:03 pm

Wow. Just wow.

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