The 100 push-ups challenge – week four!

Maybe it’s because I had to call a do-over for week 3, or maybe it’s because I’m starting to build up some actual upper body strength, but you know what? The push-ups weren’t so hard last week. In fact, on Day 2 of Week 3, I just about breezed through my sets, cranking out 52 of them, and then went on to crank out 57 on Day 3. Woot! More than half way to the goal of 100 push-ups!

Just when I was feeling all full of myself and my newly discovered awesomeness, I got knocked down a peg or two at the gym. I’d dropped down on the mat and pulled off what I considered a completely excellent 20 push-ups in a single set (!) when I looked over at a guy in the corner. He had a heavy ball that he was rolling back and forth from hand to hand in between each push-up. As I watched, he did more than 20 without pausing, and I have no idea how long he’d been doing them before I noticed him. So I waited until he’d gone, got my own ball and tried it out — and I think I still have the bruise on my sternum from where I fell on the ball. I think I’ll stick to the regular push-ups and try not to get cocky from here on in.

How are y’all doing?

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2 thoughts on “The 100 push-ups challenge – week four!”

  1. I’m sticking with it and so far I am up to four continuous push-ups. It doesn’t sound like much but this is huge for me — I have never really been able to do even one before.

    So far I have really been working on seeing how many I can do in a single set — I have not been following the 100 push up plan. One I get up to 10 then I think I’ll be looking for more of a challenge.

  2. Today I will be on day 2 of week 4. I’ve had to step down a level… and my right elbow is a little sore. But I’m definitely making progress.

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