The Thousand Picture Project – it’s been a while!

Holy cats, it’s been more than six weeks since I posted an update about my thousand picture project! Don’t worry, I haven’t stopped taking pictures — far from it! While I haven’t quite kept up the 365 project pace of one photo every single day, I’ve still been carrying my camera with me and truly loving the act of taking pictures.

See, here’s what six weeks’ worth of Thousand Picture Project looks like:

Thousand picture project

1. 447:1000 Wake up lilacs! (TtV), 2. 446:1000 Bleeding hearts TtV, 3. 445:1000 Tulip sunshine TtV, 4. 444:1000 NRC shiny ball TtV, 5. 443:1000 April is Fickle, 6. 442:1000 Tulip macro abstract, 7. 441:1000 Tulips to the sky, 8. 440:1000 At the firestation TtV, 9. 439:1000 Hello spring TtV, 10. 438:1000 Book club, 11. 437:1000 Calypso tour – Pirate’s Aquaplay TtV, 12. 436:1000 Puzzle bokeh, 13. 435:1000 A little daff action, 14. Boots on the beach, 15. 434:1000 Hello rock!, 16. 432:1000 Splash TtV, 17. 431:1000 Toddlers on the beach, 18. 430:1000 (Almost) Happy Bench Monday TtV, 19. 429:1000 Spring at the park TtV, 20. 428:1000 Tristan at the Farm, 21. 427:1000 TtV Daff, 22. 426:1000 Baby Everitt (1 of 10), 23. 425:1000 Happy Easter!, 24. 424:1000 After the sidewalk paint, 25. 423:1000 Newborn toes!, 26. 422:1000 Katie TtV, 27. 421:1000 Just ducky, 28. 420:1000 Mancala TtV, 29. 419:1000 Daddy kiss, 30. 418:1000 Lucas on the loose

You’ve already seen a lot of these already, my Calypso Park pictures and my amazing day at the lake with Angela and my first family portrait shoot with the adorable baby Everitt. Here’s a few more of my favourites from the last month or so.

He’s two now, and soon I won’t be able to take these kinds of pictures of his adorable toddler parts. It makes me nostalgic for something that I haven’t even lost yet…

418:1000 Lucas on the loose

I love the light in this one, and how they’re staring right into each other’s eyes. (At least he’s finally learned to kiss with his mouth shut.)(I’ll let you figure out which “he” I mean.)

419:1000 Daddy kiss

I love this one a little bit because of the picture itself, but mostly because it makes me laugh when I remember that night. I’d found the puzzle in a closet and figured he was about the right age for it. I had no idea he’d become instantly obsessed with it. For more than an hour (and may I remind you, an hour in toddler time = three years in grown-up time!) we worked our way through the alphabet over and over again. “Where does the A go?” he would ask in the most adorable little singsong voice. And then he’d answer himself, without pausing for breath, “I don’t know! Oh, right there!” Then he’d show me the next letter and I’d tell him it was a K and he’d repeat, “Where does the K go? I don’t know! Oh, right there!” For AN HOUR. Way too cute for words or pictures!

436:1000 Puzzle bokeh

And then the flowers started blooming and I was delighted. I love love love how these tulips came out. I made the sky that vaguely turquoise colour with a Photoshop action called Urban Acid that I use sometimes in my TtV stuff. The colours really work well together, don’t they?

441:1000 Tulips to the sky

This is the same day, but with a close-up filter on my lens. (One of the things I love about the Thousand Picture Project, as opposed to the 365 Project, is that I can take five good pictures on one day and then dole them out as the picture of the day for most of a week. Yes, I’m aware that they are capricious and arcane rules that nobody cares about except me. But I’m okay with that.)

442:1000 Tulip macro abstract

And, I have been having a LOT of fun with TtV lately. All the gorgeous flowers I “discovered” last year during my 365 project are now equally engaging through the viewfinder of my trusty old Duaflex. See?

ttv spring

Okay, so that bottom right one is not really a flower. It’s the giant sphere sculpture on the National Research Council campus on Montreal Road. Doesn’t it look like an alien spacepod or something?

Speaking of through-the-viewfinder, last week I scored an old Starflex camera and I can’t wait to start taking pictures with it. I have to wait, though, because it had an exposed roll of film in it (!!) when I bought it, and I’ve handed it over to a friend with a film lab in his basement to see if it can be processed. How cool is that? I’ll let you know if anything — develops. (har har har, I slay me — I’m here all week, try the veal!)

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9 thoughts on “The Thousand Picture Project – it’s been a while!”

  1. So gorgeous.

    You’re reminding me, I need to convince the kids that it’s OK for me to take some photos of them practicing their new musical instruments. Close-ups on their hands on the strange keys would tell a solid story, I think, and be visually interesting.

  2. Oh Jody, you simply *must* take those photographs. In fact, if you were any closer geographically I might insist that I be allowed to come over and take those pictures, too!! Please share when you do… 🙂

  3. Can I ask what you use to make those larger photo compilations from the smaller ones? Is it a template in Photoshop or something? Looks great! I love the photo of them reading on the bench!

  4. i love the tulip shot and think you put use it in your esty shop.

    we had the same one hour experience with the jelyybean a couple of weekends ago when he fell in love with a recycling truck that he got for his 3rd birthday. an hour! it was bliss.

  5. Because you do not have enough things to photograph, I will tell you about my latest project and I am sure you will be hooked. Anywhere outdoors you look for and photograph every letter in your name. …… they should mostly be letters found in nature as opposed to letters on buildings or signs. Best places to look are nature walks and your own neighbourhood. Playground equipment has been good to me as well. Now you will be looking at everything with” Alphabet “eyes. I am sure Tristan and Simon will love to help with this one.

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