The 100 Push-ups Challenge – Week 2

Well, this push-up thing has taken on a life of its own — as seems to be the case in an alarming number of things in my life! What started out as a poorly formed idea to be able to do *some* proper, full-body push-ups, with perhaps the capability to do some unspecified amount of *more* push-ups by some date three or four months in the future has now migrated into a formal challenge where a bunch of us are going to try to do 100 push-ups. In SIX WEEKS!

Yeesh, that peer pressure thing never really does go away, does it? So far, I know Finola and Nat and Christy and Barbi are playing along — did I miss anyone?

And you know what the really funny part is? I’m already a quarter of the way to the goal! Yep, yesterday, for Day 1 of Week 2, I managed to do 26 push-ups. Remember, it’s only been three weeks since I first tried and could not do a single push-up, and now I can do 26. Yay!

Here’s the secret — it’s not 26 all in a row. This site has an amazing program where you start out doing two push-ups, then rest for 60 seconds, then churn out three, then rest — it’s almost too easy that way. And it increases incrementally, so yesterday I did five sets of 4, 6, 4, 4 and 8 push-ups with 60 second rest-periods in between — 26 push-ups in five minutes. On the site, they have a tracker so you can log your progress, and if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, there’s an app for that!

So I knew that I’d probably improve the muscle tone and shape of my arms and shoulders (hello sleeveless season!) but what I didn’t expect is that between the push-ups and the rowing machine I’m suddenly starting to see a lot of definition in my abs. Mind you, it’s definition with about 3/4 of an inch of belly fat, but definition none-the-less. After five pregnancies and three 10 lbs babies, I’m now working on my first-ever six pack — who would have guessed it!!

So there you go, I’m officially more than 1/4 of the way to the ludicrous and accidental goal of being able to to 100 push-ups. Ain’t serendipity grand?

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11 thoughts on “The 100 Push-ups Challenge – Week 2”

  1. I’m doing it too and was just about to write about it! I’m only on day 4 but can see this lasting all the way. I can already feel my abs getting a good workout too. I a;so got the Squats and Sit Up app and will be starting that this morning after my bike ride. I’m psyched! I’m post baby #2, no more on the way and highly motivated to get in shape. I’m so glad I read about the push ups program!!!

  2. Being not even a month after giving birth to my second daughter, I think it would be a bit early to start this. Not to mention that time is not as available as it used to be and, when available, being so in a really chaotic way.

    But I bookmarked the site and will get to it when I can see a daily routine setting place. Thanks. And good luck with it!

  3. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this and making me get into it too!
    I’m still not doing full toe push-ups – mine are on my knees, and from reading the program’s website I haven’t figured out when or how to transition. Did I miss something? Do I have to do the whole program twice?

  4. I wasn’t going to do this, but what the heck, I’m in. I’m on week 1 day 2. I am going girl pushups because I have neck/shoulder issues I don’t want to aggravate. I’m making sure they’re good, nose-to-the-floor ones though! I just did 58 total reps.

    I am finding that app really helpful btw!

  5. OK – you convinced me – I’m in as well! I did 1 push up in the gym class on the weekend. ( kaptcha = buffer sending!)

  6. You know, when I read your first push up post I was all, man, I’d never be able to do that (I’ve never done a real push up in my life), and there’s no point in trying. But I am finding your quick progress to be really inspiring. I’m not saying I’m totally on board – yet – but today I will try one push up. Just one. We’ll see how it goes!

  7. I threw out my neck/shoulder early this week, so I am still onto day 3 of week one. Really it’s not that bad once you break it down the way they do.

    Congrats on the progress so far.

  8. This is a real coincidence. I started trying to do pushups this week…and I mean trying.On my first day I could do one(from my knees). I can do three now…I try everyday. I am actually amazed at what poor shape I am in and I was motivated by not wanting to see my flabby arma this summer. I will check out the program for sure and wouldlove to see your progress updates!

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