Project365: 300 days and more than 10,000 shutter clicks!

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Can you believe I’m already past day 300 on my 365 project? Two months from today I’ll be done! And just the other day, I noticed that my Nikon is using the same file numbers it was assigning to pictures back in March, which means I’ve taken more than (gasp!) ten thousand pictures in a little over eight months. Sheesh, that’s a LOT of shutter clicks!! Eek, now that I do the math, that’s an average — AVERAGE, mind you — of 33 pictures a day every day. No wonder I feel like the Nikon is permanently affixed to my left arm!

It was such a busy week, it was hard to cram in the photo of the day on more than one occasion. I started the week with this picture snapped during my niece’s and nephew’s joint birthday party at Chuck E Cheese in Mississauga. This picture is particularly funny if you think back to this post about our recent vermin troubles!

297:365 Lucas meets ChuckECheese

These were in my sister-in-law’s new kitchen, and I loved the late afternoon light spilling over the strawberries. I desaturated them just a bit, because I found the red was a little overpowering and I wanted to emphasize the form of them a little bit more.

298:365 Strawberries

The next day was our day at the zoo. Because the whole point of the zoo trip was to see the lions, and because the lion’s roar made such an impression on all of us, even though it’s not quite tack-sharp this one was still the hands-down choice for the photo of the day.

299:365 You lookin' at me?

This was a bit of a throwaway shot in that I was near the end of the day, knew I wouldn’t have the time or the inclination to take a picture later, so I took this one on the way home. Hard to believe the sun sets before 5 pm now — these dark winter days are hard, but it’s been lovely and sunny during the day, so that makes up for it a bit! The green tone in this comes from “cross processing” which is a digital processing that mimics an old film processing trick, where you use one kind of film’s processing chemicals on another kind, giving it a distinctive colour cast.

300:365 Tall grass at sunset

I seem to be drawn to a couple of different photographic situations over and over again, and reflections on the Rideau Canal is one of them! This was taken on my last day commuting downtown, though, so it’s likely the end of this particular series.

301:365 Patterson Creek Bridge

And this? The intersection of my ongoing fascinations with through the viewfinder (TtV) photography and autumn leaves!

302:365 An autumn TtV collage

Finally, speaking of TtV, this is a pencil cup shot through the viewfinder of one of my Duaflex cameras. It’s a bit of an inverse homage to my new job. Since the new job is all about tech and my mad social media skillz, I thought I’d go old-skool with the photo of the day on my first day.

303:365 Pencils

There’s an old saying about how your first 10,000 pictures are your worst… well, at least now I know I’ve got those out of the way! 🙂

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