Fun and fabulous forty

How bad can 40 be, when it starts out with a blissful day at the beach with some of my favourite people?

Lucas and me

(How bad can 40 be when I’m willing to post a full-body shot of me in a bathing suit on my 40th birthday?)

(Consider yourself lucky you got this version of my birthday suit!)

(I think I have to keep typing “40” to convince myself it’s me we’re talking about. How can I be 40 when I’m still 23?)

(More beach pix and a great new family fun recommendation to follow!)

Author: DaniGirl

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22 thoughts on “Fun and fabulous forty”

  1. Happy 40th, you look great!

    And what a coincidence – I’m pretty sure I’m 23, too! Only, not. By a decade and then some. But there’s some part of my brain that refuses to believe I ever celebrated a 24th birthday.

  2. you just look so darned happy….and gorgeous. Here’s to many many more happy birthdays!

  3. I wouldn’t even have posted a picture of myself in a bathing suit at 23. You are looking good. Happy Birthday!

  4. Did you see my birthday greetings on Twitter? I was thinking of you Saturday and SO GLAD it was such a glorious day… for once. Are you still on holidays this week? What is your week looking like? Could we get together for coffee or a picnic with the kids? Wed or Thurs maybe? Email or DM me if it’ll work.

    P.S. 40 looks VERY good on you and I never would have guessed your age.

  5. Hope you had a happy birthday, and that your next 40 are as wonderful as the first 40.

  6. Happy belated 40 Dani. You look fab! And seriously, so far my forties have been the best. time. ever. I hope yours will be too.

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