Here’s my CBC interview on project 365!

This was so fun!! Thanks a million to host Adrian Harewood and producer Rosemary Quipp for giving me the opportunity to come on to All in a Day this afternoon. I had a blast! I’m sure there is a more elegant way for me to do this, but you should be able click on the link to listen to it. It will open up in a new window (at least it did on my system) and the whole thing is about six minutes long: project-365-on-all-in-a-day * Edited to add: the link to the MP3 of the show is being finicky for me. If it doesn’t work, try right-clicking and opening it in a new window.

184:365 My CBC radio début!

That’s Adrian Harewood on the left, and down the right side the CBC newroom, the exploding cabbage, and Julie, Michel and Rosemary in the control room. (I don’t know if they actually call it a control room, but they’re the behind-the-scenes producers. I am newly enamoured with the idea of a career in media. So wicked cool!)

*It goes without saying, the clip is courtesy of and copyrighted by All in a Day and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, aka the other Mothership! Oh wait, that’s MotherCorp. Nevermind…

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6 thoughts on “Here’s my CBC interview on project 365!”

  1. I managed to tune in and listen to you live. You did awesome. I always wondered what their studio looked like. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Chantal! The studio was actually quite nice — far smaller and far sunnier than I expected. Mind you, my radio experience is largely shaped by what I learned from WKRP in Cincinnati! They have a lovely and unexpected view of street-level Sparks Street, so I’ll be wandering by and peering nosily in whenever I’m in the neighbourhood now!

  3. Look at you go girl! I always love to hear you talk about things that you are passionate about!

  4. 2 of my favorite things!

    Hearing you on the radio + adrienne harewood= a fabulous morning break

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