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It’s been a crazy week, and I feel like I’ve been neglecting the poor blog lately. Blog makes a good argument for being the favourite child over Project 365 because it is not demanding and simply waits for me to be finished gallavanting and come back to lavish love and attention on it, while Project 365 relentlessly demands my attention every single day.

But the 365 has been rewarding me with some beautiful images this week, which makes me a little bit less resentful of the time I didn’t get to spend, um, ironing or emptying the dishwasher or picking up dirty socks.

Come to think of it, sometimes the blog AND the 365 are the golden children, and it’s the actual children who are cramping my style!

I’ve been enjoying having a discussion theme around the 365 posts lately, but as you can see I’m a little scattered today, and frankly still really really short on time, so let’s just move on to looking at the pretty pictures, shall we? Rational thought and reasoned discussion may or may not return next week.

I loved this picture of Tristan for several reasons, not least of which it was the first time I’d seen him spend any length of time curled up reading a book all by himself. Be still my heart! He read the whole book that afternoon, and I could practically feel his world expanding.

103:365 A good book

I’m getting pretty good at photographing stuff, but am still intimidated by portraits. This one was a candid shot (I’d been turned around, photographing the trilliums in this little copse of trees when I turned around to see him with a piece of bark most of the way into his mouth, and that cheeky grin is a result of me playfully scolding him “ah ah ah!” as I pointed the camera at him) that turned out to be a pretty nice little portrait. He should be just a little bit less centred to give more room on the right side of the frame, but the darn kids never sit still long enough for me to get through my entire composition checklist in my head before I snap!

104:365 Lucas on the path

I’d walked past this triplex on St Patrick Street in Lowertown a handful of times and always loved the multi-coloured doors. I called it “primary entrance” and really wish the guy in the first apartment had a better aesthetic sense and had painted his door navy or royal blue instead of that bluegrass slate colour!

106:365 Primary Entrance

This was an idea for the monthly scavenger hunt. The clue was “out of roundness.” Get it? “Out of” in roundness? The crystal ball is from a gift my parents gave me for my birthday last summer, and it hangs in our back window. (My very first 365 picture features it, in fact!) I’d taken it down to play with the light, and noticed the magnification effect. The book idea and the scavenger hunt clue kind of coalesced from there.

107:365 Out of roundness

This was yesterday’s picture. Yesterday was not my finest day. An all-day meeting off site (so no computer access! ack!!) followed by a very long evening with all three boys because Beloved was working late. I snapped this in the backyard, in between dinner and packing the boys’ lunches for school and cleaning the kitchen floor not once, not twice, but three times as the dog and the boys tracked mud in from the back yard. The year we moved in to this house, the baby crab apple tree the previous owners had planted died. Three years later I noticed that it was re-growing — about three feet over from the original tree and less than six inches from the back fence. I haven’t had the heart to cut it down — partly because of it’s stubborn will to survive and partly because it’s simply magnificent in the spring when covered with blossoms, but I’m afraid it’s going to take the fence out as it grows. Anyway, all that to say, I’m not totally satisfied with this picture and would have liked more time to play with it but at least I can look at it and say that my “hurry up and take a damn picture and post something so you’ll have a picture for today” pictures are a lot better than they were a couple of months ago!

108:365 Apple blossoms

(That’s a lot of stress for a couple of pretty pink blossoms, isn’t it? It’s been that kind of week!)

Speaking of pretty, stay tuned for some big changes around here in the next little while. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get around to the big reveal, but here’s a hint. Very, very exciting!!

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1 Tricia May 8, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Love, love, love your three door picture!

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