This is cool – Invisible Labels from Mabel

I’ve said before I’m a fan of Mabel’s Labels, and they just keep setting the bar higher with new and interesting products. They kindly offered me and my readers a limited-time special offer discount of 15% off any order to celebrate the arrival of their new line of Invisible Sticky Labels. I’ve often wanted to have a more discreet label,and this would work perfectly. I’m getting them for all my camera equipment. Click through before noon on Thursday to receive 15% off your entire order!


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7 thoughts on “This is cool – Invisible Labels from Mabel”

  1. *grin*

    Did I get you?

    The discount really is valid, though, so enter coupon code APRILFOOLSDAY at the checkout to receive your 15% discount through noon tomorrow. Thanks to Mabel’s Labels for inviting me to play along!!

  2. I was wondering about the technology that caused them to turn visible. Sigh. Critical thinking is not my strength this morning. Great marketing effort, though.

  3. YEP….looked all over the site for the damned labels!! Came back here to see if anyone else had trouble fining them….LOL!!!

    Good one!!!

  4. Haha! Yep, got me, too. The whole April Fool’s thing didn’t really enter my consciousness today, so I was totally going, “Why the heck would you want these? I need to figure out what they’re supposed to be used for.” Thanks for the giggle!

  5. Yes, I’m a sucker and even sat here for several minutes looking at the ad and trying to picture this, and what good they would be.

    But I also love these labels too – I got some a year or two ago and haven’t looked back since!! They are awesome!

  6. Thanks for this site! I had never heard of them! I ordered something with that discount!

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