A post in need of an editor, if there ever was one

The problem with extended absences from the blog is all the posts I want to write that get tangled up in my head, so when I actually do get a couple of minutes to string together, I’m bloggily constipated. Too much to say, not sure where to begin!

It’s been a rough couple of days week, roughly surmized by Lucas’s first ear infection, followed by a 72-hour stomach virus on my part, which I politely shared in a milder version with Beloved and Lucas. Babies and stomach viruses are not a pretty pair, and that’s all I’ll say about that. And that baby of mine who slept through the night starting around (bless his little heart) around two months old is making up for it now, waking in the neighbourhood of six to eight times a night. Let’s just say that stomach viruses and sleep deprivation are another couple nobody wants to see together anymore.

Because I can’t get my mind to gel on any of the eight or nine other blog posts that I’ve been gestating between trips down the hall to sooth Lucas back to sleep, I’ll just take a minute to say this: where exactly did my baby go? It’s hard to believe it’s only been two weeks since school let out for Christmas break, because Lucas is simply not the same baby he was back then. He learned to crawl last month, and now cruises the furniture with ease. He’s got this bright-eyed awareness and curiousity about everything that’s nothing short of delicious. He’s relentless in the pursuit of what he wants, and adorable in his frustration when vexed. He wants nothing more than to get into whatever trouble his big brothers are in to, which is in equal measures charming and terrifying. And speaking of terrifying, he’d been crawling less than a month the first time he crawled all the way — with supervision, of course — to the very top of the stairs. Lord help us. He shows no interest whatsover in baby TV like Baby Einstein and the like, but loves to stand up and poke at the TV while the rest of the family plays Big Brain Academy on the Wii. And his very favourite thing right now is books, bless his little heart.

And even though Beloved is doing an admirable job of trying to distract him, in the time I’ve written this much I’ve had him climbing up my leg to “help” me blog at least three times, so I think it’s time to cut this short.

Just a quick second to squeeze in a couple of milestone acknowledgements, though. Happy 40th birthday to my dear friend Yvonne, the first of many of our crew who will hit this historic milestone this year. May the next 40 be twice as much fun!

And congratulations to Jojo and Jaimie, who welcomed their baby son Max into the world yesterday. I know Amelia would have preferred a girl for a sibling, but I can tell you from experience, Amelia, that brothers are truly a miracle. Kisses to all of you, to be redeemed in person when I’m sure I’m germ-free!

Finally, for family far away and anybody else who wants to peek, I put up some pictures from Christmas on Flickr.

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