Hey! You! GUUUYS!

If you can hear Rita Moreno belting that out when you read the title to this post, then you are of the proper vintage to appreciate this tidbit: PBS is remaking The Electric Company! Production starts this week, and the first episodes should appear in January 2009.

I have mixed feelings about this. I loved watching the original Electric Company. That and Sesame Street were my daily staples when I was Tristan’s age, and definitely contributed to my lifelong love of words and language. So fond am I of those old classics that I asked for and received both of the Sesame Street “old school” DVD sets and the Electric Company boxed set — and honestly? I still love them. They’re funny and quirky and enjoyable to watch over and over again. So, in theory I should be thrilled to see this remake, right?

Well, not so much. I’ve lamented before that the 21st century Sesame Street doesn’t hold a candle to the often psychedelic, folky episodes of the early 1970s, and the Electric Company was even further out there. WAY out there, by today’s standards. I just can’t imagine them doing it justice in a world where vintage Sesame Street comes with the disclaimer that it might not be suitable for preschoolers.

We’re not in 1976 anymore, Toto. The Electric Company website offers downloadable ringtones, wallpaper and buddy icons. They even have a blog, though its link is currently broken. The one thing that gives me hope that the flavour of the original EC may be preserrved is the downloadable iron-on transfer section. Ah, iron-on t-shirts… sigh.

Well, I’ll wait until January and take a peek before I pass judgment, I guess. But, um, can somebody please help me with my cell phone? Because I really need an Electric Company theme-song ringtone!!

(Edited to add: Bah! Ringtones not available in Canada, only to residents of the US and Australia. Boo!!)

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9 thoughts on “Hey! You! GUUUYS!”

  1. OMG – I did not know you could get an Electric Co. boxed set! I’m so going to have to look into that. It KILLS me that my boys have never seen it!

    Oh, and yeah, I “heard” your title just as you meant it before I got to the actual post! LOVE it!!

  2. I thought this post was going to be about the Goonies…. as ‘Hey! You! Guuuuys!’ is what I think of when I see/hear/read it!

    I have to admit I have never heard of the Electric Company… but I’m intrigued so I will have to check it out!

  3. Very interesting news. I would love to get the original Electric Company on DVDs, except that our kids are already getting too old for the learn-to-read stuff, now they are finishing grade two. We did watch some classic EC on You-Tube last fall though, and they really liked the humour. They were fascinated by some of the songs, like Just Add Silent E, and the Short Circus, and Spidey – ha! Our kids also enjoy classic Sesame Street sketches on You-Tube, like Grover the waiter, Ernie and Bert, Kermit with the Muppet News Flash and so on. We have DVD sets of the Muppet Show, Season One and Season Two, which are very entertaining for children and parents too, a broader age range. Rita Moreno did a great guest-star spot in season one.

  4. HURRAH!

    No, think about it – even if the re-make is TERRIBLE, it will stir up interest in the original – and I LOVED the original!

  5. Hey! Nothing to say about your post, but I’ve been lurking for a while without saying “hey”.

    We miss you, but I suppose that being a full time mom is almost as good as hanging out here with us.

    Also, bringing back the captcha oracle just for this one: me striptease. Hmmm, maybe I should rethink my career choice? Or you should rethink yours?

  6. I’m too old to have had Sesame St and Electric Co in my childhood, but I watched them when my kids were little–and loved them both. I may have to invest in DVDs for Baby J’s future!

    I share your fear that the revival won’t live up to the original. We can hope, I guess.

  7. They are remaking it? I am glad that my kids are past the Electric Company stage, ’cause I fear that it would just disappoint me.
    So you will not find me watching it. Alone. In my jammies. When my children are at school. Nope Not me….
    (but thanks for the scoop on the DVD’s..i did not know that they were available..and i have friends who have little ones…)

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