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I get a lot of e-mail. A LOT! But that’s okay, I like it. I’m just not terrifically good at keeping up with it all. But if someone has taken the time to write to me, I often feel obligated to answer them, or at least share the information they want me to share. I mean, even if it’s not of interest to me, who am I to say it’s not of interest to you.

So here, in one huge deluge from my in-box, are snippets from some of the offers and advisories I’ve received in the last six weeks or so. There’s a tonne of them, though, so I’ve tucked them below the fold.

The Buggy Blanket is the only all-weather blanket on the market. It features a soft suede-cloth interior, high performing thinsulate interlining, and a wind- and water-repellant nylon shell. The insulated liner easily snaps inside the bunting like a duvet, adding protection on cold days. For cool fall or spring weather, parents can remove the liner to lighten the weight. Buying one Buggy Blanket is cheaper than having to buy multiple sizes of any competitor blanket. The universal fit Buggy Blanket can be used with a variety of strollers including the Bugaboo and Maclaren lines.

Brooks Pond’s Carrier Cover, recipient of an iParenting Media award, is designed to fit over soft infant carriers like the Baby Bjorn, but can be used on strollers and infant car seats as well. The Carrier Cover demonstrates superior engineering and chic styling. The Carrier Cover provides additional warmth and weather protection for baby without being bulky and has convenient pockets for keys, cell phone, and other small necessities. Another wonderful feature is hand pockets for moms and dads too.

You can see more of both products and the company at

Over the next few weeks, children could be introduced to a tiny, unwelcome visitor to their classroom – head lice. Every fall, thousands of children return to school and regular activities and many of them unknowingly take head lice with them. They pass the bugs along to friends, classmates and even teachers. A case of head lice isn’t the way anyone wants to start off the school year!

I’ve also included a brief Youtube video about treating head lice here (, and you can get more information about Resultz at


RK Express Coffee ( offers the convenience of instant coffee, but it tastes freshly brewed. The company has trademarked an innovative method, allowing you to mix liquid coffee concentrate with either hot water or cold water and ice. This innovative liquid product is actually concentrated gourmet coffee produced from the world’s finest beans. The delicious blends include a dark Mocca Java Exotic Blend, Colombian Breakfast Blend, Vanilla Hazelnut, and Colombian Decaf.


PopCap have just carried out the largest ever-worldwide survey (of over 7500 adults) of casual computer games. According to its results 70% of their “family gamers” believe that casual games provide educational benefits to their children/grandchildren.

PopCap games unveils that 92% of casual gaming parents and grandparents say casual games provide an opportunity for them to bond with their children/grandchildren.

The greatest benefits include learning, stress relief and hand-eye coordination.

If you are interested in receiving any additional information, or ongoing information from PopCap then please let me know. Or if you want to check out PopCap casual gaming for yourself then please try

Saint Helena, CA, August 2007 – When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is the key to survival. No-one knows that better than Kathleen Whitehurst, co-inventor of the award-winning DaysAgo™ Digital Day Counter — and an eight-year breast cancer survivor.

Whitehurst’s company, double u products inc., is introducing a new pink DaysAgo counter as part of her commitment to helping women of all ages get into the habit of doing regular self breast exams. Details about the pink DaysAgo can be found on the company’s Web site,

“I feel very blessed to be a survivor of breast cancer, the most common cancer in women,” said Whitehurst, who underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy to fight her disease. “I want women to remember every month to do their self exams, which are designed to find early tumors. When breast cancer is found early, and confined to the breast, the chances for survival are the greatest.”

The award-winning DaysAgo counts days to help families manage and organize anything in their lives that needs tracking. Originally designed by Whitehurst and her business partner, Debbie Stephens Stauffer, to help busy families keep track of food freshness in their refrigerators, the DaysAgo has become a lifestyle product that is used for everyday tasks ranging from taking
medications to changing water filters.


Professionals, freelancers, bloggers and aspiring writers are invited to submit a 500- to 750-word memoir, essay or story around the theme of becoming a parent — no matter how it happened. Interpret this any way you want. Submissions will be judged in two categories — by popular online vote and by our editorial panel of professional writers. Winners in each category will receive a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble — $50 certificate if one submission wins BOTH!

AND . . . a virtual blue ribbon award from to post on your website and/or include as part of your email signature.

Check it out @

And Best Of Luck!


Hi! I was checking out your blog, Postcards From The Mothership. I like it.

My name is Pete Grimaldi, we have “shielding lotion” called Skin MD Natural ( It’s something I thought you and your readers might be interested in.

To see some of the recent blogs, websites, and magazines that have been writing about Skin MD Natural go to our press page:

Below is a new video that you might be interested in checking out. It shows Skin MD Natural shielding lotion protecting skin from rock-dissolving acid!


I wanted to say hello because your site Postcards From the Mothership is of interest to moms and parents and thus I wanted to tell you about a new site from my friend Kathy Maister called .

It is a Blog and video podcast focused on simple cooking techniques and full of great recipes that you can make for your friends and family.

Just yesterday she launched a new series called Tips and Tricks that you can read about if you are interested. She also has a bunch of great summer time recipes that are perfect for that next family get together.

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1 Jen September 12, 2007 at 9:49 pm

Looks like we get a lot of the same mail 😉

2 b*babbler September 13, 2007 at 9:14 am

OH, but I do love PopCap games. Great for mindless entertainment at the computer.

3 Sara September 16, 2007 at 11:43 am

Hi, thanks so much for including the notice of’s writing contest! I hope some of your readers will submit stories, and also that many of your readers will come vote on their favorites. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the stories we’re getting from all over the blogosphere and it’s a pleasure to be able to share them with others.

Please come by, take a read, and vote!

-Sara, webmaster,

4 hiutopor September 17, 2007 at 4:34 pm


Very interesting information! Thanks!


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