August 2007

Administrative notes

22 August 2007 Editorial asides

So it’s been almost a week, and I am getting comfy in my new bloggy home. There are still boxes of clutter everywhere and I’m still tinkering with where I want to keep the blogroll and whether I like the sofa under that window and whether I should plaster all my categories on the wall […]

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Happy dance!

21 August 2007 Postcards from my uterus

The Integrated Prenatal Screening test results are in: chance of Down Syndrome is less than 1 in 42,000. Chance of neural tube defect is less than 1 in 11,000. Plus, baby’s heartbeat is a strong and vibrant 150 bpm today. This is me dancing around my cubicle. Happy happy joy joy!!

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Random bullets to banish the brain clutter

21 August 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

Blogging really is a feast-or-famine kind of thing, isn’t it? There are times when your brain is empty, and you go days fearing you may never be graced with an inspiring idea again. And then other times, your brain is so busy blogging all.the.time that at any given time, you have half-composed posts oozing out […]

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The one where the nanny didn’t quit

20 August 2007 Working and mothering

So, it’s the nanny’s third day today, and she didn’t quit yet. I’m so happy! (Amazing how my standards have dropped, isn’t it?) Seriously, though, even beyond her not quitting, I’m thrilled with the new nanny. The boys ask every day whether Jen and Jordan (her one year old son) are coming today. She brings […]

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A very expensive (but fun!) Saturday

19 August 2007 Ah, me boys

We had a fun and adventure-filled but ghastly expensive day on Saturday. In the morning, we visited the Ottawa debut of A Day Out With Thomas. Those of you who have been around for a while will remember the absolute magic of our first adventure with the Very Useful Engine, two years ago in St […]

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The Birth Announcement

17 August 2007 Editorial asides

Tristan, Simon, Beloved and especially DaniGirl are pleased to announce the arrival of their brand new baby blog, the newly independent Postcards from the Mothership on This version of blog was delivered after more than a week of hard labour on the part of DaniGirl, with extensive coaching by Beloved. Special thanks to: Tech […]

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The 16 week update: Wherein I let out this breath I’ve been holding

16 August 2007 Postcards from my uterus

Just been for my 16 week OB appointment. Let me tell you, it was a hell of a lot more pleasant than the last time I had a 16 week appointment, and did not live up in any way, shape or form to the “oh no, not again” anxiety dreams that haunted me all last […]

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Blog woes redux – the one where I whine

16 August 2007 Editorial asides

Ugh! I had no idea there would be so many major and minor complications in the set-up and transfer to my own domain! It ended up being rather easy to set up the domain and web host, and relatively inexpensive. It took maybe an hour or so, plus a few hours of shopping around. Designing […]

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Information overload

15 August 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

As usual, I consumed most of the newspaper on the bus on my ride to work this morning, and I have to tell you that the news was not good. Aside from the fact that I now have a new big boss (holding off judgement on that for the time being) I read that Mattel […]

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Survey question

14 August 2007 Editorial asides

So, if this blog were to mysteriously reinvent itself in a new home, would you want all the original posts to move with it? Or would you expect a fresh start in the new location, assuming the old posts will be archived here for eternity and beyond? And what if it were possible but intimidatingly […]

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