A new chapter in the caregiver saga

Today is the boys’ first day with their new caregiver. I think I can finally let go of this deep, anxious breath I’ve been holding for the past three months or so.

It’s been a melancholy couple of weeks, saying good-bye to our other care provider. She has been so gracious about the whole thing that I’ve been second-guessing myself for the last month since we told her that we would be switching. On the boys’ last day with her last week, she bought them each a little gift, and a little something for us, too, and she gave us a thank-you card thanking us for trusting her with our precious treasure. She’s a class act, that one.

I was in the middle of composing this post and about to note how well the boys are taking the transition when Beloved called and said Simon is now expressing anxiety about facing the new daycare by himself (Tristan will be in school this morning and joining Simon at lunch time.) My kids are generally pretty good with transition – much more so than me! – and I’m sure he’ll be fine once he gets there. I feel for him, though. Bobbie is the only caregiver he’s ever known, and even though we’ve spent a while with Joanne and her kids in the last little while getting to know them, change is always at least a little bit scary.

Tempering my guilty regret of the last few days has been exciting news from the new caregiver. When we first spoke, she had mentioned the fact that her three-year-old daughter would be attending nursery school in the fall, and if I wanted, she could bring Simon at the same time. I have always wanted to have the boys in some sort of preschool program, but up to now it has just been too logistically daunting. Last week, Joanne called and said that there was one space available in the afternoon class, if we wanted to register Simon.

I am absurdly excited about this, and jumped at the chance. If I could have, I would have registered Simon for JK this fall; I think he’s more than ready. He was nearly beside himself with excitement when I told him that in September, Tristan will be going to afternoon kindergarten and he’ll be going to his own big-boy school. Joanne said it’s an excellent program with arts and crafts, beginner science, music and – be still my heart – pageants. (I’ve been just a little bit disappointed by the lack of pageants during Tristan’s first year of school. Bring on the pageants!)

Now I’m all choked up at the idea of both of my boys being in school. What happened to my babies? Can we slow this whole thing down just a little bit? From soothers to school registration in the same week – I’m not ready!

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