On nudity in (okay, near) the workplace

by DaniGirl on January 29, 2007 · 0 comments

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For the most part, going to the gym has been a solitary activity for me. Back in the day, when I was first getting into going to the gym, Fryman and I used to go together, and I give him props for getting me into it in the first place. But in the last ten years or so, I’ve been content to go on my own and do my own thing while I’m there.

In the last month, I’ve started meeting up with a friend at the gym on Monday mornings. She arrives a bit before me, and so far we’ve been able to get two elliptical machines side by side to chat while we sweat. Trying to have a conversation while on the elliptical machine has added an entirely new dimension to my workout!

And since we work in the same building, we amble past Timmy’s and grab a coffee and walk over to the building together and use the shower facilities there, which are considerably less gross than the dingy, grungy shower facilities at the gym.

All of this I like very much: the extra encouragement to get out of bed and show up for the workout, knowing she is waiting for me; the companionship; the chance to make friends outside of work with someone who I’ve always liked. It’s all good – right up until the showering part.

It’s surprisingly difficult to carry on a conversation with a friend you like and admire – while naked and getting in or out of the shower.

I’d like to be more comfortable with nudity, really I would. Bodies are beautiful, I agree. No reason to be ashamed. On an intellectual level, I totally agree with you. But in practice? Where’s that extra-large bath sheet?

And why is it so much easier to be naked in a locker-room full of complete strangers than in front of one person you’d like to invite out for a chat over coffee? Would it be weird if I started showering in my bathing suit?

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