3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

Oh look, it’s yet another post in the ongoing saga of “oh for the love of god, will you either get pregnant or shut up about it already”.

Well, we’re almost there. And when I say”we” I mean “we” as in all of us, because I’m really enjoying having a couple hundred of you along for the ride. I like knowing that a lot of you have been there (and been there, and been there) but I also hope that this has been an informative little peek into the world of infertility for some of you.

And now, on with the show, because tomorrow’s the big day! After an epic amount of waffling and no small amount of coaxing from my colleagues, I finally decided to take the whole day off. We have to show up at the clinic for 10:30, and I have to have a ‘very full’ bladder. The nurse suggested I drink a litre or more of water starting around 10:00. (Do you think a litre of Tim’s coffee would be an acceptable subsitute?)

Around the time we show up at the clinic, we’ll know whether frostie has survived the thaw, about an 80 per cent probability. The actual procedure will be at 11:30. (Are you squirming at thinking of sitting on a ‘very full’ bladder in a waiting room for an hour? Because I sure am.) I think they encourage me to have a little rest for another 20 minutes or so after the transfer – and who am I to say no to the rare opportunity for a daytime nap? – and then we should be out of there by 12:30 at the latest. We arranged for the caregiver to take the boys on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week, so Beloved will be there for the whole thing, and then we’re going out to an afternoon matinee after that.

The only decision that remains is whether to see Pirates of the Carribean, Superman, or You, Me and Dupree. I’m leaning toward a little Johnny Depp action, if only I can claim later in life that he had some impact on my fertility and reproductive capability.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together despite a complete absence of planning on your part? Yet another sign from the universe that we’re on the right track!

I wish I had something more coherent for you today. I don’t even have a cute anecdote from the boys to apologize for this week’s relentlessly self-obsessed drivel. Bear with me, we’re almost done, and soon I will get my head out of my reproductive tract and turn my gaze back to the rest of the world. But, although it’s a tight call, my reproductive tract is still marginally less scary than the rest of the world just now.

I’m floundering for a way to end this that doesn’t seem like I’m fishing for a sea of “good luck!” comments (hey, lookit that – flounder, fishing, sea – and I didn’t even do that on purpose!!) but other than my newly discovered marine theme, I got nothing.

Um, so – how’s life with you these days? Oh wait, here’s another idea – we could play “Infertility Questions”. As in, if you have any questions about infertility treatments or the emotional rollercoaster or any of that stuff, me and my panel of experts will answer them for you. Or, you could tell me about your dog, or your goldfish, or just about anything to distract me from tomorrow.

(And if you think this is bad, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen the new low in neurotic obsession that is the ‘two week wait’. Stay tuned, it’s likely to get ugly.)

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23 thoughts on “3.. 2.. 1.. GO!”

  1. Well, I had a visit from a certain somebody last night. AND I’m seeing her again tonight. Yes, I’m cheating on you with another blogger.

  2. Got my pom pom outs and cheering loudly for you from over here.
    The 2ww…I as a wreck. Vent anytime you need to.
    As for the Movie….PIRATES all the way. I seen it on the weekend and love it. It was a lot of fun. BUT I’m not movie critic

  3. Ack! Marla, you harlot! With whom are you stepping out? Oooo, I bet I know – now I remember someone mentioning a visit to Toronto this week. Wretched tarts, both of you!
    (jealous, oh so very jealous….)

  4. Good luck anyway. :p
    I’m too tired to distract you today, so that will have to do. (btw, book review! Book review! Will that work?)

  5. Devil Wears Prada.
    No, not you – the movie.
    I am overflowing with anticipation for you…so glad you & beloved get to be together that day, great idea.

  6. Good luck! Go see Pirates of the Carribean. Excellent movie (although rather long).
    p.s. It’s not an “ongoing saga”…it’s a continuing stooooory…

  7. Dani,
    This is what happens when I don’t read for a while!!
    Oh I am so happy that beloved is able to share the day with you. It is an important day to share together.
    Don’t obsess too much!

  8. I picture your frostie, slowly warming up with a big stretch, a nice baby yawn, and then a shiver cuz *she* wants to be nice and cozy again…for nine months.

  9. Hey girl! Just wanted to wish you love and luck tomorrow! I’ve never had fertility issues myself, so this is all new to me… I can only imagine how consuming the whole process is. Vent and be self-absorbed all you want with this — not only is it YOUR blog, but anyone would feel that way!!! I’m pulling for you all!
    Nice, slow, healthy warming vibes for little Frostie and a lovely, welcoming womb for you! ((hugs))

  10. Well, of course good luck!
    So here’s a question because I am endlessly curious about fertility. And excuse my ignorance at the same time. What do they use to place frostie in you? Is it like a needle? Do they try and put frostie in a specific area of your uterus that is somehow better for attaching? As much as I have picked up from you over the years those are two questions I have always had but just never asked.

  11. Good luck! My vote is for Pirates. I can only imagine how hard that two week wait is compared with waiting two weeks after having lots and lots of sex in the hope of getting pregnant. You KNOW there’s a fertilized egg in there. You just don’t know what’s going to happen next. I really hope the outcome is good, and I along with all of your readers will be right here with you regardless of the outcome.

  12. Just found your blog in the last week or so and am enjoying every word! I’m struggling with whether or not to have a third baby – I have two boys. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us and good luck tomorrow!

  13. Thank you, all of you, for your sweet comments – and welcome, Lugina! Dean Dad, the heat broke here today, so I’m hoping for cooler days ahead for you!
    Special thanks to Batman for infecting me with the TV equivalent of an ear worm, because it took me the first half of the day to place the phrase, “it’s the ongoing stooory of a quack who’s gone to the dogs” from Veterinarian’s Hospital on the Muppet Show — and the rest of the day to try to get rid of it!!
    Jojo, thank you for posting a question! They use a catheter to zoom the embryo into my uterus, quite similar to the one they use to put the sperm up there during an IUI. I don’t know about optimal placement, but was wondering about that myself. In a ‘normal’ cycle, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube, and the embryo drifts down and implants in the uterus. I *think* they try to launch the embie into roughly the same place, but I’m wondering if they would just shoot it into the uterus to help minimize ectopic pregnancies?? Tomorrow, I will ask the experts and get back to you with the answer!
    xo Dani

  14. Dani!! Thinking of you this morning and hoping that everything goes perfectly for you.
    How great that Beloved was able to take the day with you and that the two of you are going on a ‘date’ to seal the deal.
    Will be checking in for you updates.

  15. How do I get so behind in one day?! Good luck today, Dani. My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Beloved, and ‘Frostie’.
    If all goes well, can we start calling him ‘DeFrostie’ or something more clever?!

  16. Was out for a few days and look what I’ve missed! Hope all is going well. Best of luck, Dani!

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