Ultrasound day

I’ve got nothing to say today, folks. I’ve got an ultrasound appointment at 7:30 this morning, followed by four hours of French class. (Ugh.) And yesterday, which is actually right now because I’m frantically typing this Wednesday night – see how I put myself out for you? – isn’t going to work because I have two boys who have decided sleep is optional and a husband who is out teaching and there’s just no muse to be found anywhere, let alone a few minutes to string some thoughts together. So it’s not so much as I’ve got nothing to say as I’ve got no time to say it.

And it’s a crying shame, because we’ve been having some great conversations this week!

So forgive me for not having something more interesting tposted today. If anything exciting comes out of the ultrasound, I’ll post later, but I think all they will do is check to see if there is a decent-sized follicle that will give then an indication that I’m getting ready to ovulate, and then we’ll start the daily blood tests to check for the LH surge that I used to OPKs to detect last month.

But if you’re desperate for a diversion, have you seen “ask metafilter“? I’ve been flipping through it on and off for a couple of months now, and every time I open the page, I find something that sucks me in. Then again, I have the same problem when I open a dictionary. And sometimes the phone book.

It’s late, my brain stopped working about an hour ago (hell, more like about four hours ago) and for some reason my fingers are still typing… it’s really time to shut this down…

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10 thoughts on “Ultrasound day”

  1. Good luck. Speaking of French, I got a C and a B yesterday for comprehension and writing. Working on the orals now.

  2. Nothing to say….nothing to say?!? I would say that u/s is pretty darn importnant! Thinking of you…

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