Day one!

Because I know my reproductive workings have you on the edge of your seat, I felt it necessary to broadcast to the entire interweb that it is, in fact, day one of my cycle. The cycle. The cycle that will lead, in approximately two weeks, to my wee Frostie finally coming out of its deep freeze, at which point I think I will begin to refer to it as my little Toastie instead.

Next stop, an ultrasound on July 13. Stay tuned!

Author: DaniGirl

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19 thoughts on “Day one!”

  1. Yay!!!! This is very exciting. I would raise a glass to your “Frostie/Toastie” but all I have in my hand right now is a pastrami sandwhich! Did I get any mustard on ya?

  2. Hurrah! Very exciting time for everyone (including your readers). It almost as suspenseful as being the actual parents!

  3. My right-wing arms will be waving pom-poms ferociously in your direction!

  4. Good luck on the possible transformation of your precious frostie into your little Toastie. Shall we all have a toast for the Toastie? 🙂

  5. Good luck! It would be nice to be pregnant at the same time as you. Um, is that wierd and stalkerish? I didn’t mean it to be. It would just be fun to read along with your experiences only a month behind mine. I really, really hope things go well for you.

  6. Uh…vaguely uncomfortable memories of reporting my menstrual comings and goings to my RE’s nurse, but ANYWAY….
    Best of luck!

  7. Cheering you on Dani!! Thought of you yesterday as I sat in the new waiting room. Will be waiting to hear how everything goes 🙂

  8. Gimme an F!
    Gimme an R!
    Gimmie an O!
    Gimmie an S!
    Gimmie a T!
    Gimmie and I!
    Gimmie an E!
    What’s that spell?
    Good luck, girl! We’re all rooting for you!

  9. You guys are wonderful!! (A little weird, maybe, but wonderful!)
    And Sally, I would love that – not weirdly stalkerish at all!
    xo Dani

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