The problem with blog

There’s a problem with blog.

GASP! No, you cry, say it ain’t so. A problem? With BLOG?

You see, I’m running out of things to talk about. Not here, of course. Good god knows I’ll pass off just about anything as a post these days. Don’t think I don’t have that whole ‘grocery list’ thing floating around in the back of my head just in case times get lean.

But I’ve suckered so many of my family and friends into coming here on a regular basis that I’ve run out of things to tell them in person. For example, I was having coffee with friends the other day:

Me: You should hear Simon saying ‘please’ these days… (settles into anecdote mode).
Friends: We know, we read about it.

Me: Oh yeah.
(awkward silence)

Me: So I read this really terrific book called the Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s about this guy…
Friends (interrupting): We know.

Me: Right. Um…
(more awkward silence)

Me: So, did I tell you about this really amazing nap I had out on the glider for about an hour and a half yesterday?
Friends: Hey! That wasn’t you, that was Marla!

Me (sheepishly): Oh, hey, really? I, um, got a little mixed up I guess. Well, nice seeing you guys again. I gotta run, I think I left the kettle on. Bye! (slinking out the door)

So I either need to find some new friends, or I need all my old friends to stop dropping by blog. Anybody know where I can get some new friends? (Damn, and it was such a lot of hard work cultivating the first batch!)

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13 thoughts on “The problem with blog”

  1. Lmao Dani!
    I hardly ever see you and you can talk to me in detail about anything you blog. We could have indepth discussions. And I’m sure your well of blogging will not dry up. You can make a bus ride sound soo interesting. People watch my dear. Stories abound around you.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! I would squirt my morning coffee through my nose with laughter, but I left it on the counter before coming upstairs for just a minute, and now it’s stuck down their cooling off while I’m trapped up here with a sleeping toddler on my lap. I’m trying not to wake her up as my belly rumbles with giggles.

  3. Now THAT is not a problem I thought blogdom would cause. Maybe you should consult Tom and Katie to see what they discuss with friends and family when every little detail of their lives is already published.
    Sigh, the downside of celebrity :~)

  4. Judging by what I’ve seen in my travels, there are a lot of bloggers who want rid of a lot of family members and so-called friends. I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of emails/posts with instructions about where you can pick up your new best friends, when they are coming to your house for dinner, etc.
    I suspect you’ll have lots to post about real soon….
    BTW — Katie’s parents are looking for you. They want to know if you’d be interested in hanging out with this guy their daughter has been dating. He’s rich and good looking but weird — real weird. They want to get him away from her real fast. The only thing is he’s got “issues” with medication, so if there’s anyone in your household whose prone to headaches and who is known to taking a painkiller on occasion, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have this guy over for dinner.
    Oh yeah — one other thought. What about Paris and Paris? You could call them “Paris Squared”. You could also ask Paris H. to say who’s hot and who’s not in Canadian politics by lining up MPs and having her utter “That’s Hot” or remain silent. But then again, that might get you media attention, and we know you hate that.

  5. Hey, feeling for you. Go thru regular “screeeeching halt” phases myself. One thing I find, I shorthand a lot of conversations with friends telling them, “Oh, I blogged about that” and actually quote myself! It is getting obnoxious. Let’s run off and live IRL for a week!

  6. Why not try pretending that you have Alzheimers or you’re going senile and just tell them everything again anyway? When they say, “I know. I read it…” just keep talking like they never said a word. Change the story a little each time to see if they’re paying attention (or to keep them interested).

  7. I find the same thing. I never tell anyone anything in person anymore because I assume they will just read it. Or I will start a conversation with, “you should read Monday’s entry”.

  8. Oh, and I quote other people’s blogs in conversations as if we all know each other IRL. Linked to you on my blog, btw. You are a daily fave.

  9. Just tell them that they’re so extremely fortunate to be getting your blog entries in audio format AS WELL as off the site. Maybe mention that you would normally charge for such an extra option, so every time you tell a story in person they owe ya three bucks per!
    (Remember I get a cut, right?)

  10. Ann and Snack Mommy, I said I needed more *friends* in my life, not freaks. Got enough of those to last me a lifetime thanks!
    Batman, you win the prize (ok, I’m way cheaper than Ann, there are no prizes) for the most clever suggestion. Now I just have to be clever enough to remember which story is which. Hmmm, that’s going to be a problem. (Troy, you were in the running for the clever prize until you got greedy and started demandind a cut!)
    xo Danigirl

  11. That is too funny. Somedays I find that by chatting over the phone with friends and family when we see each other there is nothing left to say. So it works both in the Blog world as well as by phone. I for one don’t mind repeat stories, and wait a minute! Why aren’t your friends starting a good conversation with you? Why are you the one who has to carry the conversation all the time? Hmmm… something to think about..

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