Housekeeping, and a new toy

A few odds and sods today…

I’m endlessly curious about where some of you are coming from, and I saw this cool new toy on Tertia’s blog, so I thought I’d try it out.

(Mind you, when Tertia recently asked her readers to complete a survey about themselves, more people answered in one weekend than have been to my blog in total over the last four months, so her map is going to look a whole lot more crowded than mine, I think. If it gets really pathetic, I can always make people up and stick them in exotic locales. I did get hits from Dubai and Brazil the other day, thanks to Blogger’s “next blog” button. They didn’t seem to hang around for long. I guess I don’t have much international appeal. But I digress…)

The link is the Bravenet Guest Map button over in the sidebar, under “rainy day diversions.” Come on, give it a click or two, all your friends are doing it!


Speaking of feedback, can you tell me if blog is appearing properly on your screen these days? On one computer it looks fine, but on our main computer downstairs the sidebar doesn’t start until the end of the main text. Any tech advice on how to repair this? I must have put something in the sidebar that was too big for the column but I don’t quite know how to fix it.


And finally, please stop using me as your weight watchers blog buddy because I am a miserable failure. A recap for those who were daydreaming during the last few entries (how could you?):

Week one: Wow! This is a terrific program! I lost two pounds the first week. Woot!
Week two: Hmphf. Gained a pound. Oh well. Better luck next week.

Which brings us to:

Week three: Stupid weight watchers. Stupid scale. Stupid computer. Stupid two more pounds.

Yes, I am now up one net pound and have exceeded my starting weight. I am no longer dewey-eyed with enthusiasm. I am now thinking there were probably a lot of much more fun things I could have done with my $85.

Sigh, I’ll give it one more week. But I’d feel a stronger if I had lots of little pins in my guest map to keep my mind off doughnuts…

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22 thoughts on “Housekeeping, and a new toy”

  1. Tried to post my pin, three times – won’t work. 🙁 Can we fix it? That sounds like fun!!
    WW – I honestly thought of you the other night when we took the Troops to McD for their b-day supper and I ate 3 days worth of points in one meal – oops? NO JOKE – Big Mac, fries, Flurry, kids’ fries…at least I had a diet coke, does that help?
    Blog looks fine to me on my pute.

  2. Okay, I am on the map. 😉 And your blog looks fine to me too.
    As for WW. Give it time. There are a million reason’s why you hold on to weight. It will happen. 😉

  3. AAAARGH! I made my pin, but at the last minute Josephine grabbed the mouse and moved me up into Nosebleed Territory, and now I can’t figure out how to fix it!
    I have the same problem with the blogger sidebar, but I don’t care about it. It shows up in the right place on the archived posts, but now always on the current one.
    As far as readership, I just long for the day when my comments are in the double digits. But when I started this, I didn’t care if anyone read me – and now, I’m a comment whore who can’t stop checking my referral logs. That’s worse than just being a blogger, isn’t it?

  4. Your blog always looks good to me, I do have problems with Ann’s blog on my laptop sometimes. It doesn’t always happen, but everynow and then I have to scroll way down. will go and try out the pin 😀

  5. Yay!! Oooo, I’m so excited by all the little people in my world (little as in on my screen map, I mean. You are all of huge importance to me!)
    Marla, I kind of like you way up there by yourself on Baffin Island, but if you really feel lonely, I can delete you and you can put yourself closer to home.
    BTW, if being a blogger is bad and a comment whore is worse, the guest map is the crack of blogging. I’m officially a junkie on all counts. (oh the shame)
    xo Danigirl

  6. I put myself us there as well, your sight looks fine from over here, and I one day hope for comments on my blog, at least if I can figure out how to allow them:)

  7. Wonderful stuff, wonderful site. I’ve checked your site both in IE6 and Mozilla and have had no trouble at all.
    I’m also going to add me a guest map (as if I don’t already spend enough time in the blogosphere). Oh well, in for a buck, in for a quarter. Pass me that crack pipe, will ya?

  8. I imagine Toronto will get pretty crowded, so you can leave me on Baffin Island (is that where I am? I couldn’t find it otherwise if you paid me $6900.00) until a true Islander wants to push me off. Then, we can sell tickets for a wrestling match, in creamed corn or something maybe, with masks and nicknames like “the Crusher”, and fight to the pain for that location.
    Or, you can delete me, and I can attempt to place myself near Toronto again, and Josephine can nudge my hand again, and I’ll end up somewhere else, and all of your readers can play “Where’s Marla?”
    Your pick.

  9. Thank you thank you thank you to all of you sweet people who have pinned yourself on my little map. It’s really quite sad how excited I am to see you up there. And there’s some of you coming out to say hi who’ve been silent up until now – how exciting!!! Welcome, and do feel free to elbow your way up to the microphone to say hello now and again!
    I have noticed, however, that the e-mail addresses you entered are made public on the map, which I was not expecting. If you don’t want your addy made quite so public (not exactly like the conquesting hordes are tramping through my blog, but you never know) you can delete your entry and rekey it without the e-mail address.
    And Marla, I am so going to make you wrestle in creamed corn for your right to squat in Baffin Island. Matter of fact, I’m gonna make it my life’s work to find a Baffin Islander willing to challenge you for his/her territory.
    Who knew the Internet could be this much fun??
    xo Danigirl, truly tickled

  10. Well, I think we’re definitely following the same program. Like for sure. I had such a bad weekend food-wise that I didn’t even weigh myself on Monday. So you’re not alone. And I believe that angst burns calories. So we should do well next week.

  11. ROFL Too funny. I saw the map and thought, wow, Danigirl has a reader all the way up in Baffin island! That’s great!
    Your sidebar looks fine to me (in IE). I’ll take a look at the code and let you know if anything pops out, but I’m not a pro.
    Oh, and if you are already addicted to all things bloggable, then for hte love of all that’s holy, DON’T LOOK UP THE TRUTH LAID BEAR BLOG ECOSYSTEM.

  12. That’s a hell of a gauntlet to throw down, isn’t it Andrea? Throw a drowning girl a glass of water, whydontcha?
    (Truth be told, I’ve already been over to TTLB back in the early days, but last time I was there the ecosystem wasn’t taking new entries. They are now! Can’t wait until tomorrow to see if I rank above being an insignificant microbe – but I doubt it.)
    BTW, I also just found my alignment problem… my silly made-up music download URL from a couple of posts ago is longer than the column is wide in some fonts. Duh!
    xo Danigirl, insignificant microbe

  13. Heehee.
    Oh, for sure you will be. I’m a crunchy crustacean, and I have fewer linkers than you do. The part that bugs me (no pun intended) is I USED TO BE A LOWLY INSECT, and somehow I lost a few linkers. Either they got depressed at their low ranking and dropped out, or they decided that I no longer deserved to be on the blogroll. LOL How embarassing!

  14. So, so, SOOOOO delighted to hear I’m not the only one the gain weight at WW. It is called Weight Watchers but I hadn’t counted on watching the scale go up! My husband calls it a cult – ha ha.

  15. LOL Linz @ watching the weight going up. (That is, laughing in a “hey that’s not really so funny” sort of way.)
    My husband thinks blog is my cult. I think he’s relieved that I’m involved in something as reputable as weight watchers.
    Andrea, did you see – I’m a flippery fish! (See me beam proudly. Picture me stopping strangers on the streetcorner today: Hi, I’m Dani. Did you know I’m a flippery fish?) But you don’t show up as linking to me nor me to you — what’s up with that????
    xo Danigirl, so happy to have yet another thing to obsess over in my life

  16. Love the map. So cool. And I am blowing it on WW totally. Maybe we do need to really buddy up and make each other stick to it!

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