Tristan goes to the dentist

by DaniGirl on April 26, 2005 · 7 comments

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Tristan had his first visit with the dentist this week. He did amazingly well – frankly, I was shocked. Even I don’t usually sit still that long without fidgetting. He sat not only through the examination and scaling (where they scrape the placque off with a metal tool – I hate that part), but through an entire tooth polishing as well. He only balked at the very last minute, leaving one lonely tooth unpolished.

I’d like to think me sitting beside him smiling bravely kept him from being afraid, but frankly, I think it just didn’t occur to him to be scared of the dentist. Personally, it took me 10 years of seeing my current goddess of a dentist to get over the preceding 25 years of dental misadventures.

As a very young woman, I had one dentist who had a horrible stutter and a worse temper, and when I kept insisting that the freezing he was injecting wasn’t taking despite his best efforts, he pitched a tantrum and threw one of his tools across the room. One of my first dentists lost his licence to practice for misprescribing medication, among other mistakes. The only thing that really holds my teeth together anymore is the fillings, veneers, caps and crowns – I think I have more artificial stuff in my mouth than natural enamel. So needless to say, I have issues of my own, and am making a Herculean effort not to pass them on to my boys.

Sadly for Tristan, what I have passed on is crummy, decay-susceptible teeth. He’s three years old, fer crissakes, and has pits in his left and right upper molars that need to be filled. Who knew they even did fillings for baby teeth? My stomach aches at the thought of him having to go through this.

My dentist has recommended he see a pediatric dentist, partly for the specialization and partly so he doesn’t associate the trauma (please excuse me while I sob just a little bit) with his regular dental visits. Apparently they’ll probably give him gas or something to make it easier. But, will they give me some, too?

My dentist wants to talk with the pediatric dentist in person to discuss options before we commit to a treatment plan. But she said if we don’t do something now, even if it is as simple as covering the pits without drilling, the pits will develop into full-fledged cavities requiring fillings within six months.

Oh, and one other bit of trivia – he has too many teeth. On the top, he has what looks like five incisors, an extra one on the top left. Hmph. There’s probably something witty to be said there, but I’m a little too freaked out by the idea of this whole fillings-for-my-three-year-old thing to see it just now.


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1 nancy April 26, 2005 at 1:29 pm

There is hope!! I had pits in my baby teeth even though my mother only let us chew sugarfree gum and never any pop nor sugar cereals (a la Honeycomb, etc.) They were filled, I was not frozen. I was a little older cause I remember it not being all that bad, was likely more closer to 6-7 years old. THAT being said, and after 2 extractions of overgrown baby teeth (incisors) all under the age of 9…I did NOT have one cavity until I was….30!! That is something I am so fucking proud of to this very day. I have a couple now – breaks my heart.
I am VERY pleased to hear how well Tristan did! I am planning on taking my boys this summer/fall for their first checkup, just can’t decide whether to take to my regular dentist or a pediatric. I’ll be anxious to hear your comparison, but it sounds as though Tristan being a superstar with your dentist may not make it an issue for you. Good for you Mommy, getting on top of things now – bravo!! He will thank you when he phones you in tears after learning about his first grown up cavity at 30.

2 SilverCreek Mom April 26, 2005 at 2:08 pm

OH dear…Way to go Tristan. And way to go dani! I’ve been putting off my guy’s trip to the dentist and I’m postive he has a cativity in his back molar. I’m sure there is no way my little man will sit and get his teeth check. He would not drink milk as a baby and just apple juice. Watered down of course. BUT Now he won’t drink juice and just milk. (can you hear the relief in my voice?) And teeth brushing is a struggle. We do get them brush but only once a day. NOT 2 like me. (who has a mouth full of silver and lead that might be worth something on the market)

3 Snack Mommy April 26, 2005 at 2:37 pm

Dani, I am so impressed with how well Tristan did!! Our first apt consisted of a office tour, our second one, we got as far as counting teeth. Scaling? Polishing? Maybe when he’s 12!

4 yvonne April 26, 2005 at 6:12 pm

Let me know if you want a referral to a really good ped dentist. With Aiden’s teeth we’re there all the time. In fact yesterday, he vomited in the chair as they tried to put fluoride on his teeth…and they didn’t even bat an eye. Course, I prayed for the hand of God to place a lightning bolt through my forehead and end my embarrassment.

5 Danigirl April 27, 2005 at 1:32 pm

Wow, Nancy, that’s very encouraging. Thank you! You *always* find a way to make me feel better!
Yvonne, poor Aiden – yikes! No flouride treatment for us, thank goodness. Personally, it triggers my gag reflex too. I spoke to your significant other in the grocery store last night, and will call my dentist and ask about a referral to the ped dentist you mentioned. Thanx!
xo Danigirl

6 Suzanne April 28, 2005 at 1:39 am

Yay for Tristan! I know you were concerned about this — my son’s experience was certainly the exemplar for Bad Dentist Visit. I hope the cavity filling goes just as smoothly.

7 Julie April 28, 2005 at 3:14 am

dani – I feel for you and your dental past. I personally try and make myself feel better about the substantial amount of pseudo-teeth in my mouth by thinking about how I can drink so much more coffee now that I don’t have to worry about it staining my teeth. Anyhow, I digress. My little pet had to have a tooth pulled 2 weeks ago … had a great experience with a local pediadontist. Let me know if you want the contact details.

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