Rants and rambles

Not for lack of trying

17 November 2007 Rants and rambles

I’m trying to write a post, I swear I am. Not a great post, not the most cerebral or entertaining post ever, but I had an idea, and I had some pictures, and I was going to turn them into a post. So I dumped the photos from the camera to the laptop, and have […]

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Spam and curses – or, cursed spam

13 November 2007 Ah, me boys

What the holy hell is going on with the spam all of a sudden? My spam filter has caught more than 700 spam comments since Friday, and I’ve deleted another dozen or more spam trackbacks. That’s about four times what it usually is. Seriously, I’m getting a little annoyed. And the vast majority of them […]

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Rampant with whining

2 November 2007 Rants and rambles

Yeah, this is more like the November I’ve come to know and dread. Apologies to those of you with November birthdays, who bring a tiny bit of sunshine to this otherwise hellacious month, but I really do hate November. The nanny called me at work yesterday sometime before 10:00 saying she was very sick and […]

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The one that could use a few segues

11 October 2007 How I love the Interwebs

You know why pregnant women are cranky? It’s not the hormones, it’s not the sleep deprivation, it’s not the heartburn or the aching joints or the fact that your brain has taken a holiday in the south of France leaving you to defend for yourself without one. It’s the pants. You’d be cranky, too, if […]

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This would be a bullety post if I weren’t so infernally verbose

27 September 2007 Rants and rambles

Have you noticed that my posts are getting longer, and longer, and longer? I mean, they’re barely posts anymore, they’re friggin’ chapters… and there’s no sign of relief today, either. First, something rather disturbing. Through Babes in Blogland, I came across this story about how some users of Orkut (a social networking site similar to […]

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An open letter to John Tory

7 September 2007 My inner geek

Dear Mr Tory, This is my happy little blog, which tends to be very non-political. Unless you get me riled up about daycare. Or reproductive rights. But mostly, I’m pretty happy to hang out here and tell my stories. I’d say probably half the people who read this blog don’t live in Ontario, so they […]

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Information overload

15 August 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

As usual, I consumed most of the newspaper on the bus on my ride to work this morning, and I have to tell you that the news was not good. Aside from the fact that I now have a new big boss (holding off judgement on that for the time being) I read that Mattel […]

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In which I rant just a bit

6 August 2007 Rants and rambles

It’s my last day of vacation and I’m feeling a little cranky about it. Plus, ya know, I’m old now, and entitled to be curmudgeonly without warning. So to celebrate this mood of minor annoyance, today I present to you the top five things that piss me off. 1. People who don’t acknowledge common courtesy. […]

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Random babbling on a Monday morning

28 May 2007 Rants and rambles

The good news is, this is the LAST Monday I have to work until after Labour Day. Having a certain amount of seniority means I get almost five weeks of vacation time this year, and in addition to a week in June and a couple later in the summer, I have booked off every Monday […]

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Another reason to love Rick Mercer

28 March 2007 Rants and rambles

Following our heated rivalry for the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards, Rick Mercer and I have come to an easy peace (inasmuch as I stopped obsessing about him and he continued to not notice that I exist.) Just now, I was futzing about on the computer looking up bits for our trip to Bar Harbour, and […]

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