Happy @ home

The one with the new floor

30 November 2009 Happy @ home

W are in the midst of getting laminate installed on the main floor of our house. This has caused considerable, in the words of Sir Topham Hat, Chaos and Disruption. The decision to even have the horrendously ugly sky-blue-faded-to-murky-grey carpets replaced with laminate was itself fraught with peril. The current home reno tax credit helped […]

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DaniGirl versus the Mouse, round 1

3 November 2009 Happy @ home

It may or may not be coincidence, but it was right around the time we had to put down our 17 year old cat this summer that the first mouse appeared. I would have liked to type “when the mouse first appeared” but I’ve come to believe he is Legion. I actually managed to catch […]

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The really odd post-script to the missing bra story

23 October 2009 Happy @ home

So I did, in fact, find my bra. It was behind the little end table beside the wing chair, but it had only slid part way down in behind and gotten stuck, so it never actually hit the floor. Aha! The really weird part? This morning, I was at work and went to use the […]

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Home improvement

13 August 2009 Happy @ home

Beloved and I had a plan. Since he would be home all summer, and since I’d be off as usual every Wednesday, we were going to make Wednesdays into “project days.” Each Wednesday, one of us would wrangle the kids while the other one dedicated most of the day to ticking things off the rather […]

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More post-scripts to the home-improvement frenzy

19 January 2007 Happy @ home

Apparently, I need to add still more post script photos to my home improvement extravaganza post. As if it didn’t have enough pictures already! Claudette talks in the comments to this post about the idea for home-made marble magnets inspired by this post of Andrea’s. (Convoluted enough for you?) Ahem, anyway, I made these over […]

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