Tristan’s race

16 May 2011 Tristan

A couple of weeks ago, Tristan came home with a permission slip for the running club at school. It said they were preparing for a 5K race in Osgoode, and the kids would be working their way up to the 5k during lunch hours over the next few weeks. Tristan loves to run, and I […]

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118:365 Laces

22 April 2011 Photography

118:365 Laces, a photo by Dani_Girl on Flickr. (I’d originally posted this on Flickr, but by the time I was finished writing it, it sounded suspiciously like a blog post!) Via Flickr: My oldest is not good with change but even I was surprised by the depth of his aversion to even the most rudimentary […]

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A love letter to Tristan, Age 9

7 March 2011 Tristan

My dear, sweet Tristan, Today you are nine years old – the last year of single digits! You, my eldest son, have had quite the year. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you much better as a person this year. I have seen bits of you that foreshadow the teenager you will soon be, […]

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A love letter to Tristan, Age 8

7 March 2010 Tristan

My sweet baby Tristan, You are eight years old! No longer a “little” boy, but a boy to your core. How could I call you “little” when I can rest my chin on the top of your head? Not so long now, my son, and we’ll be seeing eye-to-eye literally as well as philosophically — […]

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Best! Birthday! Party! EVER!!

7 March 2010 Tristan

So I have to admit, I’ve been looking forward to today’s Lego birthday party with equal parts excitement and dread. Custom Lego birthday party for eight boys? Wicked awesome! Eight boys in my house? Questionable. Four of five family members felled by stomach flu in the five days leading up to the party, leaving the […]

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In which my 7 year old reveals Obama’s egregious copyright violation

6 February 2010 Tristan

Tristan and I are in the car, sitting in the Tim’s drivethrough on the way to skating lessons. We’re listening to one of my favourite radio program on CBC, Terry O’Reilly’s The Age of Persuasion. The episode is about tag lines and slogans. As it runs through the opening, it plays a series of famous […]

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At least he comes by it honestly!

9 January 2010 Tristan

Please indulge me in a moment of shameless bragging. I’m practically bursting with pride. I got a call from Tristan’s teacher this week. (I swear, getting a call from the school elicits the exact same physical response in me now that getting called to the principal’s office did when I was a schoolchild myself. That […]

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Parental validation at meet-the-teacher night

22 September 2009 Mothering without a licence

It was meet-the-teacher night at the boys’ school last week. Since Simon has the same two teachers he had last year (and that Tristan had as well) I’m pretty comfortable with that relationship. I was looking forward to meeting Tristan’s new teacher though. I sat in Tristan’s desk in the back row and looked around, […]

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The one with the Pokémon backpack

19 August 2009 Mothering without a licence

Way back in early summer, Tristan saw a Pokémon backpack at Walmart, and every time the subject of back-to-school came up this summer, Tristan pined for that Pokémon backpack. He was due for a new one, as his Disney Cars one had held up remarkably well through both Senior Kindergarten and Grade One, so I […]

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Rerun week continues with Notes from a Therapy Session

9 April 2009 Mothering without a licence

I’m guest-blogging over at Canadian Family magazine’s Family Jewels blog this week, and dredging up some of my favourite posts from the archives to keep you company over here. This one is from the summer of 2006. *** Tristan: And did I tell you about that time when I was four, when my mother tried […]

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