March 2012

A love letter to Tristan, age 10

7 March 2012 Tristan

My darling Tristan, you are TEN years old today! A whole decade! You’re up to my shoulder now, my tall son, and your feet are the same size as mine. Won’t be long now and I’ll be looking up to you even when your feet are on the ground! Tristan, you still have boundless energy […]

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Ottawa’s Hidden Treasures: RCMP Stables

5 March 2012 Ottawa Family Fun

I have been blogging about raising a family in Ottawa for seven years and this? May be the best discovery of them all. I’ve recommended a tour of the RCMP Musical Ride Centre a couple of times as an excellent idea for free family fun in Ottawa, but I’ve never actually gotten around to doing […]

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This week in pictures: In which Mother Nature reminds us that it is still in fact winter

3 March 2012 Photo of the Day

Nice weather this week, eh? Nice if you’re a skier, not so much if you’re pining for green grass and tulips. Sorry, you can totally blame me. I started BBQing last weekend, and I think the Universe wanted to remind me that it’s not quite spring yet. The good news is, the weather has been […]

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