April 2005


15 April 2005 Uncategorized

You know what I don’t get? Okay, okay, you’re right, the list of things I don’t get is long indeed, including how magnets work, why guys don’t use the instructions when assembling Ikea furniture, and why my mother is still to this day afraid I will be kidnapped and sold into white slavery. But what […]

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The viagara dance

14 April 2005 Uncategorized

You know that viagara commercial? The one where everyone in the pretty little neighbourhood with the white picket fences is dancing around joyously, while the music of Queen’s We are the Champions plays in the background? That was me this morning. No, I didn’t get lucky last night, although that might have elicited a similar […]

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What’s in a name?

13 April 2005 Uncategorized

Jen over at MUBAR has written a lovely story about how she chose her as-yet unborn baby son’s name on the spot after being forced to provide a name to an airline reservation clerk. It’s a cute story, you should read it. I love name stories. We knew we would name our son Tristan long […]

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So THIS is why we don’t host dinner parties!

12 April 2005 Uncategorized

We had some friends over on the weekend for dinner. No no, we didn’t have them à la Hannibal Lecter, we had the grilled chicken fajitas you told me I couldn’t have on Friday when I had to have takeout. Did I thank you for that yet? So we had these terrific friends of ours […]

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Let’s go to the movies!

11 April 2005 Uncategorized

Ann over at The Mother of All Blogs has asked for our nominees on the best and worst of film parents. After puzzling until my puzzler was sore, and then puzzling some more, here’s my contribution. I have been diligently not reading some of my favourite blogs this weekend so as to not prejudice my […]

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Odds and sods

8 April 2005 Uncategorized

The good news is – it’s Friday. The bad news is, I have reached a point of sleep deprivation so intense that I don’t think I can form sentences today, let alone paragraphs. I was up with Tristan from 3:30 until 4:30 this morning, then up with Simon for the day from 5:25 onward. YAWN! […]

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Ma tante est une poisson ferme

7 April 2005 Uncategorized

As if I weren’t already demanding too much of my seriously overtaxed neural networks, I have signed up for French lessons. Ours is an officially bilingual country, and I’ve reached a point in my government career where I need to achieve at least rudimentary second language skills. Plus, they pay you an extra $800 a […]

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Nothing to see here today

6 April 2005 Uncategorized

Sorry folks, nothing to see here today. Move along, move along. Hey, have you checked out some of the really great blogs listed over there –> ? Simon woke up vomitting at 12:30 last night, which scared the crap out of me as it’s never happened to either boy before and all I could think […]

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Tristan squared

5 April 2005 Uncategorized

While I was at work yesterday, Beloved took the boys to the paediatrician for Tristan’s three-year old check-up. Um, yes, he turned three a month ago – I kind of forgot to make the appointment until last week. This is a big step for me, giving up control of a well-baby appointment to Daddy. I […]

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4 April 2005 Uncategorized

If you have superior analytical skills, you may have deduced I am a bit of a feedback junkie. My parents were big on self-esteem when I was a kid, and we grew up in a very positive environment, with lots of praise and blatant ego-stroking. In school, my mom used to put little happy faces […]

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