Tristan’s fashion sense

19 June 2008 Uncategorized

I told the boys yesterday morning over breakfast that we would be going to get some family pictures done that day. I told the boys I had laid out some clothes for them on the couch and asked them to get dressed and put their jammies in the hamper in their room. As I was […]

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A fifth of meme

16 June 2008 It IS all about me

Filched from Raising WEG, a meme of fives: What were you doing five years ago? We had just found out that I was pregnant with Simon, and were getting ready to move into this house. I had only been back at work after my maternity leave with Tristan for about five months, and had come […]

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Duck and cover

10 June 2008 Life, the Universe and Everything

One of my favourite Tragically Hip songs contains the lyric: “Like boots or hearts, oh when they start to fall apart, they really fall apart.” Yeah. We’re falling apart over here. Lucas had his four-month vaccine yesterday, and like two months ago, he’s reacting to them. Poor guy is clingy and noticably off, and woke […]

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Smuggler’s Notch special deal just for you

9 June 2008 Away we go

You know I love you, right? And as my mother taught me, “if you love me, buy me things.” Well, I haven’t exactly bought something for you, but I do have some freebies and a great deal to offer, too. First, the great deal. Remember when I told you earlier about how my friends at […]

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You should have seen the look on her face

5 June 2008 Baby days

Lesson learned: three things you should never say in the fitting room of a clothing store: Are you looking at me? Do you see me? (and, in a really, really bad Robert De Niro) Are YOU lookin’ at ME? Lookit those cheeks, you chubby thing! Peeky-peeky-peeky, I see you!! I’m sure the woman in the […]

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Survivor, baby!

12 May 2008 Uncategorized

Was it just me, or was that one of the best seasons – and most satisfying finales – of Survivor in a long, long time? And wouldn’t you just LOVE to see Ozzy and Amanda do the Amazing Race together just like Rob and Amber did? I usually find the first hour and a half […]

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Happy Birthday Mom!

25 February 2008 Uncategorized

It’s my Mom’s birthday today. I had wanted to write a long and lovely post telling you about all the things that are wonderful about her (and to capture them all, it would be a long post indeed!) but the whole newborn-in-the-house thing coupled with the I’m-brain-dead-from-sleep-deprivation thing, with a heaping helping of mothers-of-newborns-aren’t-supposed-to-get-sick, is […]

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Error messages – sorry!

9 October 2007 Uncategorized

Sigh. I don’t know what happened, but please ignore the extraneous error messages and wonky formatting. I did an SQL db backup last night, but everything was fine later in the evening. According to Google, I’m getting the funky messages because of a disk size problem at my host’s end. I’ve raised a ticket, so […]

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26 September 2007 Postcards from my uterus

My mom and I were chatting about images from the Internet and pregnancy, and how some of the coolest images you see are actually photoshopped and fake. Somehow, that made me think of the image I’d seen a long time ago, one that I knew was real, of a surgeon performing in utero surgery on […]

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Computer versus TV

8 August 2007 Uncategorized

The good news is, the boys aren’t watching a lot of TV these days.  I’d say the daily consumption has dropped to less than an hour, and I won’t embarrass myself by letting on exactly how many hours they were consuming before.  Some days when I was on vacation, the TV stayed off all day. […]

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