Tristan’s fashion sense

I told the boys yesterday morning over breakfast that we would be going to get some family pictures done that day. I told the boys I had laid out some clothes for them on the couch and asked them to get dressed and put their jammies in the hamper in their room.

As I was putting the cereal bowls into the dishwasher, Tristan came into the kitchen saying he had picked out his own clothes for the portraits.

That’s a white turtleneck under a white button-down shirt (two sizes too small) and track pants. He would have had to get a chair to get the shirt off the hanger in his closet. Oh, and the Winnie the Pooh tie I bought for him four years ago when he was the ring-bearer at JoJo and Jaimie’s wedding. Where he found that, I have no idea. Isn’t he adorable? So much for his father’s latent metrosexual side.

Much as I loved the look he put together, I had to insist that he change before we left. He seemed mollified by the idea that I wanted to capture them in their “everyday” clothes.

The portrait sitting went reasonably well, I think. I’ll get the results later today and share them later.

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12 thoughts on “Tristan’s fashion sense”

  1. I’d say that is strong evidence of the metrosexual gene. He *wanted* to pick out a nice outfit with a button down and a tie. He just needs a little time to absorb the basic rules. 🙂

    The pose is adorable. My husband has a similar shot (with his first bike, I think) so I am a sucker for the casually draped arm.

  2. I definitely would have let him go with it. You shouldn’t stifle creativity. 🙂

  3. Aww. You are such a good mother to find a polite way to tell him lol. Tact was never my strong suite, and it is so important when you’re in charge of raising little egos.

    Good show.

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