You should have seen the look on her face

Lesson learned: three things you should never say in the fitting room of a clothing store:

  1. Are you looking at me? Do you see me? (and, in a really, really bad Robert De Niro) Are YOU lookin’ at ME?
  2. Lookit those cheeks, you chubby thing!
  3. Peeky-peeky-peeky, I see you!!

I’m sure the woman in the next cubby has never been more relieved to see a woman emerge from a fitting room chattering at her baby.

Author: DaniGirl

Canadian, blogger, portrait photographer, government social media strategist, mom to 3 boys, inveterate storyteller, professional dilettante.

8 thoughts on “You should have seen the look on her face”

  1. This reminds me of a joke that takes place in a men’s washroom, but I can’t tell it here on this pleasant family-rated blog.

  2. This really made me laugh, because I do it too! (Assuming I can find a fitting room cubby that fits a stroller – grrr… but that’s another issue altogether).

  3. My hubby had taken our five-year-old son swimming and was in the shower cubicle with him afterwards. Daniel was being awkward (that’s the 5-year-old, not the hubby!) and so hubby was trying to wash him down to get the smell of swimming pools off him. Then Daniel says in a loud voice: “Daddy, get your willy off me right now!”
    Hubby said he had to wait in that cubicle a good 10 minutes extra to ride out the embarassment!

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