Duck and cover

One of my favourite Tragically Hip songs contains the lyric: “Like boots or hearts, oh when they start to fall apart, they really fall apart.” Yeah. We’re falling apart over here.

  • Lucas had his four-month vaccine yesterday, and like two months ago, he’s reacting to them. Poor guy is clingy and noticably off, and woke with a high-ish fever. Sigh.
  • I have a migraine.
  • We’re on day 175 of a humidity-dense heatwave. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t bother me too much, but with a migraine and a clingy, feverish baby who wants to be held all day, even the AC isn’t enough to keep the edge off my temper.
  • At 2 am, Beloved poked me awake and said, “There’s an alarm going off downstairs.” I called the non-emergency number for the fire department in between pushing the button to silence the howling carbon-monoxide detector every three minutes and he talked me through taking it off the wall and searching for an expiry date. When we couldn’t find one, just to be safe they sent out some firefighters (on a ladder truck!) with a CO detector. It was, thankfully, a false alarm. We have bad luck with false alarms, you might remember. This was apparently the carbon monoxide detector in its death throes. It took at least two hours for the adrenaline in my system to subside enough to get back to sleep.
  • While we were waiting for the fire department to arrive, I noticed that we seem to have an infestation of tiny ants coming in from the patio door in the kitchen. Given how bug-phobic I am, ants are not the worst possible invasion, but I am still not impressed. Ugh.

Bugs. Illnesses. Malfunctioning electronics. Weather. What’s the next plague, flood? No, don’t even think about it…

Author: DaniGirl

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6 thoughts on “Duck and cover”

  1. I am sorry to gatecrash your blog, but I wanted as many mums to read this story about a 26-year-old leukaemia sufferer who is writing an online diary with one aim – to save others.
    It is so utterly moving and, for any mum out there, totally heartbreaking.
    He only has weeks left to live – I just thought it would be nice if he received all the support he could get from us mums out there.

  2. It never rains that it doesn’t pour. With that run of bad luck, I predict the rest of the summer will be marvellous.

  3. Hang in there.

    On the off chance that misery loves company, I’m falling apart over here too. Nothing blogable. But you’re not alone!


  4. Wait, I’m not getting why Beloved poked YOU and did he sleep through the whole rest of the adventure???

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