My mom and I were chatting about images from the Internet and pregnancy, and how some of the coolest images you see are actually photoshopped and fake. Somehow, that made me think of the image I’d seen a long time ago, one that I knew was real, of a surgeon performing in utero surgery on a fetus.

I went looking for it to show my mom what I meant, and found this image of Baby Samuel.

Baby Samuel was 21 weeks old when surgery was performed to correct something arising from spinal bifida. According to, ” In this particular surgery, the baby’s hand poked out of the incision in its mother’s womb and Dr. Bruner says he instinctively offered his finger for the baby to hold.”

My baby is 21 weeks old right now. I can’t stop looking at that image… and smiling.

Author: DaniGirl

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9 thoughts on “Chills”

  1. It’s like the one with the perfect foot pushing out of it’s mother’s stomach – don’t think it’s real, but it’s pretty cool.

  2. kgirl – I know exactly the picture you’re talking about it! I don’t for a second think it is real, though? I wonder if it is? Imagine?

  3. I’ve seen this image before. I want to think that it’s true because it is so beautiful, so I do 🙂

    Happy 21 week b-day little one!


  4. I love this photo. It poetically depicts – the miracle of life! It also shows how lucky we are to have these talented and dedicated doctors. I love this photo – thanks for sharing it.

  5. You know years ago this would have grossed me out. BUT today all I can say…


    and it is. Just. That.


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