On blogging, identity and idealization

4 November 2011 Meta-blogging

Here’s an interesting theme that has come up more than once in recent conversations and I thought it would make a good question for the bloggy peeps. I was taking pictures of a family recently, and the client mentioned a particular photo of the boys that she’d admired. She then said something about how the […]

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Blissdom Canada takeaway messages, day 2

24 October 2011 Meta-blogging

Better late than never, here’s my third (and final!) post-Blissdom Canada post. (If you missed them, click for posts about how I reconnected with my blog and day 1 takeaway messages.) The first session of the second day was, for me, one of the highlights of the conference. The session was called “Taking your craft […]

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Blissdom Canada takeaway messages: Part 1

18 October 2011 Meta-blogging

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I left the Blissdom Canada blogging and social media conference feeling newly inspired. There were a lot of things that didn’t engage me at the conference, but rather than gripe about those, I’d like to tell you about the things that did inspire me, and motivate me, and […]

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Blissdom Canada recap; or, how I learned to love my blog again

17 October 2011 Meta-blogging

Wow. You know how I said last week before leaving for the Blissdom Canada blogging/social media conference that I’d never attended a BlogHer or a Blissdom before, largely because I just couldn’t figure out what the value for me would be? Now I know. It’s not about the branding tips, or the inspirational moments, or […]

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Mothership Photography is on Facebook (please like me!)

17 May 2011 Editorial asides

I‘ve mentioned before that although I’m an early-adapter on a lot of social media platforms, I’ve never really warmed up to Facebook. I signed up for an account when it was first opened up, but aside from an early addiction to Scrabble when I was pregnant with Lucas in 2007, I never really found a […]

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On tweeting the fine line between promoting and bragging

24 March 2011 Meta-blogging

There was a social event a month or two back. To be honest, I’ve completely forgotten what it was for, but it was one of those “invite a lot of local bloggers and tweeters out for a night” type of things. Someone asked me if I was going, and it was the first I’d heard […]

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Look over there!

3 February 2011 Meta-blogging

Today I’m writing my first-ever post with the Kids in the Capital team! (It’s about time, isn’t it?) Head on over and read all about Simon’s excellent seventh birthday party at the Putting Edge!

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Six years ago today: My first blog post

2 February 2011 It IS all about me

Six years ago today, on February 2, 2005, I wrote my very first-ever blog post: Okay, so I’ve been reading about blogs for quite some time now. At first, the idea was quaintly geeky, which of course immediately appealed to me. But aside from generally knowing what they were, and stumbling across a few here […]

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Some thoughts on comments and comment spam

18 January 2011 Meta-blogging

I‘ve been thinking about comments lately. It was Delurking Day the other day, and I got an interesting e-mail from a reader. She asked me why bloggers think comments are so important. She noted that we as site owners can plainly see the traffic, so why do we want people to comment? I thought it […]

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A bloggy year in review

29 December 2010 Meta-blogging

I must admit, I am not a huge fan of year-end retrospectives. However, I am a bit of a nostalgic fool. (And apparently a bit of a confused hypocrite to boot.) I’ve done this year-end meme a couple of times, and I like the way it manages to tell the story of our year in […]

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