The other men in my life

So while we’ve been paying so much attention to the little man I’m busy gestating, the other men in my life have been busy with their own milestones.

Can I please have a round of applause for Simon, who has remained in DRY underwear all day long for the past two days? YAY Simon! It took him maybe two days to catch on, and yesterday was a completely accident-free day. The nanny said she had put him in a pull-up to go to the park (just in case) and he told her he had to go and then even held it for the 10-minute trip home.

What’s been really adorable, though, is listening to Tristan coach Simon. Now, Tristan has a personal investment in Simon’s toilet habits on two fronts. First, he was benefitting from our bribes to Simon. He too watched Queen Amidala on Sunday afternoon, and he too has received a steady stream of ju-ju-beans when Simon successfully voided his bladder. But more than that, Tristan seems to be extremely phobic about Simon’s bodily fluids and goes to great lengths to make sure Simon goes in the potty and nowhere else.

They’ll be playing, and Simon will pause and say, “I need to go to the potty.” Tristan will shepherd him into the bathroom, coaching him the whole way: “Okay, now pull down your underwear. Good! Be careful, back up, and point it down. Good. Now go. Yay! Great job, Simon, you did it!!” Imagine this scene repeated maybe every 20 minutes, all day long. Beloved turned to me at one point and said, “So, when did Tristan become Simon’s mother?”

So, how trustworthy do you think a six-day-old potty training habit is? This weekend is our Smuggler’s Notch getaway, and Simon can join an age-appropriate day camp if he is potty trained. If not, he goes to a daycare centre type of thing, with the 6 week to 3 year olds. I know which one he’d prefer, but am worried that he’ll be a little too distracted by the excitement of day camp to remember to listen to the call of nature. Thoughts?

More parental bragging: both boys passed their respective swimming lesson levels this week, too. I was hardly surprised to see Tristan pass from Preschool level C to level D, after his performance jumping off the diving board into the deep end of the pool this month. I was less sure about Simon, mostly because more often than not, he would be happily playing off by himself while the teacher coached the kids who were obviously less comfortable in the water than Simon. On his “report card” the teacher observed: “Simon has amazing confidence in his aquatic abilities.” Translation: he’s friggin’ fearless. Her final comment made me laugh the most, though: “Don’t forget to focus!” Ha! Runs in the family.

So it’s not exactly an official “yay day”, but it seems that this whole month has had me bursting with pride at how quickly my boys are growing up. And the best part? If Simon stays on track, I get a five-month vacation from diapers. If that’s not worth bragging about, what is?

No really, what is? Consider this bragging thread officially open!

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7 thoughts on “The other men in my life”

  1. Hurrah for Simon – and what a great leader Tristan is turning out to be! Will he get up in the night to change a diaper though?

    I say put Simon in the big kids group at Smuggler’s. Show him that you have confidence in his potty training abilities. You could remind him how important it is to go to the bathroom on time, and just give the leaders a heads up on the fact that he is recently trained. That way they can just watch him or remind him to go periodically. He’ll be so proud of himself that he’s joining the big kids!

    Have a great time!

  2. Slap a pull up on him, tell the camp people he’s potty trained, and if he has an “accident”, well, so be it.
    And if he does and at the end of day one they’re not happy about it, you can always be greatly astonished at how irresponsible they are, since they obviously don’t provide adequate bathroom breaks!

  3. I am totally stoked for you and your little guys! Congrats all around! At this point I’ll probably have a 5-month overlap of diapers, as Bee does not have a cheerleader anywhere near as enthusiastic as Tristan egging her on. May we borrow him?

  4. I’m envious of your potty-training. Pumpkin started training, but then she lost interest. Now she just taunts me by saying, “poo poo potty”, whenever she craps in her diaper. Way to go, though.

  5. Big guy day for Simon…just let the peeps know he is new to the potty trained scene. Good luck and have a fabu weekend.

  6. Hmmmm…. Tristan doesn’t like others bodily fluids, could that come from his Mother? I seem to remember a story about poop in a pool?

    Congrats to Simon!!! I say go for it this weekend and see what happens.

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