Rants and rambles

Random bullets of Mother’s Day

11 May 2009 Ah, me boys

In lieu of a coherent blog post, which I promise you is forthcoming one of these days (ahem, weeks) here’s a few random bullets of Mother’s Day. It started early as Simon woke me up at 5:25, clutching the Mother’s Day present he brought home from school on Friday anxiously as he stage whispered in […]

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Failure is no longer an option

23 April 2009 Mothering without a licence

I wish I had a lot more time today to write about this subject, because it really fascinates me. There was an article in yesterday’s Citizen about how secondary school students in Ontario are no longer being failed for transgressions as serious as plagarizing. (When I was in university, it seems to me that was […]

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Caution, there be whines ahead

15 April 2009 Rants and rambles

Ugh. Yep, that’s about all I’ve got to contribute today. Go about your business. Nothing to see here. What, you’re still reading? Foolish you. Okay, then, if you’re willing to put up with it, I’m going to whine. Poor, poor me. Whimper. I’ve been sick for days. Started, I dunno, back on Friday or Saturday […]

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Worthy words and banished words

17 March 2009 My inner geek

Okay, so retro is cool, right? And retro is basically recycling old stuff and making it new again, often by those who missed it the first time around, right? Grand, so I’m totally retro in finally remembering on St Patty’s Day that I forgot to put up my annual posts in January about the word […]

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A few stolen moments

26 January 2009 Rants and rambles

The boys are playing happily behind me, the big boys stacking a dozen or so Webkinz into piles for the baby to crawl over. So rare is the opportunity to be online with everyone in the same room, I must take advantage of it even if I have nothing to say! It’s been a rough […]

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Now I know

23 January 2009 Rants and rambles

What could possibly make me long for the last couple of nights, when the baby woke up between three and seven times a night, where I was rocking him to sleep two or three times in a row, only to end up jiggling him to sleep on my arm when I give up in frustration? […]

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On public service, partisanship and social media

19 December 2008 Meta-blogging

Let’s say I have a hypothetical friend. She’s a lot like me, but let me stress this — she’s not me. We have a lot in common, though. We both view our jobs with the public service as something of a noble calling and a privilege to serve Canadians. She is such an amazing boss […]

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Memo to McDonalds: Are you kidding me?

27 October 2008 Rants and rambles

So we’re in McDonalds the other day. (Granny came with us to skating lessons and offered to take us all out to lunch at McDonalds as a special treat for the boys.) While there is room in my Plan B diet for a rare treat of hamburgers and fries, I’d rather they be really tasty […]

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Strollers on buses – my letter to the editor

9 October 2008 Life in Ottawa

Every couple of years, I get my knickers in enough of a twist to fire off a letter to the editor of our local paper. I’ve got a pretty good record of getting them published. I’ve got another one published this morning. The back story has to do with a mother of a two-year old […]

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Beloved visits Dr Zap

22 September 2008 Infertility

Poor Beloved. Not bad enough I have no shame in blogging about my life, but now I’m blogging about his most personal bits. Good thing we’ve got a lot of family freebies out of blog over the years to compensate for my appalling lack of respect for his private parts. He’s going today for his […]

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