Baby days

You should have seen the look on her face

5 June 2008 Baby days

Lesson learned: three things you should never say in the fitting room of a clothing store: Are you looking at me? Do you see me? (and, in a really, really bad Robert De Niro) Are YOU lookin’ at ME? Lookit those cheeks, you chubby thing! Peeky-peeky-peeky, I see you!! I’m sure the woman in the […]

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The look of love

3 June 2008 Baby days

There are a lot of wonderful things about mothering a baby not quite four months old. It’s fascinating to watch his personality emerge, bright-eyed and curious and more than a little stubborn. (Fancy that! Who would have guessed it?) It’s equally fascinating to see him growing before my eyes, gaining folds and bursting through footie […]

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Lucas at three months

8 May 2008 Baby days

Lucas loves the bathtub the way some people love roller coasters or horror movies; his eyes reflect both delight and abject terror, and he watches me with obvious trust. “This is fine, mum, as long as whatever you do, do NOT let go!” Three months of age is the beginning of the fun stage of […]

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The diaper debate

2 May 2008 Baby days

We’ve talked about circumcision and strollers, breast and bottle, slings and baby carriers. So far, though, I’ve avoided the cloth versus disposable diaper question because for me, it was never really a question. I’ve always used the disposables, and thought I always would. I’ve always suspected that even from an environmental perspective, the disposables weren’t […]

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Pacifier wars

25 April 2008 Baby days

Binky. Sucky. Nuk. Soother. Dummy. Paci. Pacifier. Suss. It has a million names, because it is legion. It is evil. I have a love-hate relationship with the soother. Back in the day, when I was ignorant and childless, I decided that I’d never give one to my child. “You take an adorable baby and stick […]

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Random thoughts of a baby drop-in drop-out

24 April 2008 Baby days

When Tristan was a newborn, our weekly highlight was a Thursday trip to the Well Baby Drop-In at the local community centre. He’d had weight-gain issues (though not as severe as Lucas’s) and the weekly weigh-ins provided me with an empirical validation that we were in fact doing at least something right. It was also […]

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If you build it, they will buy it

21 April 2008 Baby days

This is how I picture it. Lucy is a business student, doing a one-week internship with a company that manufactures baby gear. After spending most of the week contributing to the company’s success with tasks as challenging as making coffee and filing year-old shareholder reports, she is asked by the production design manager to fax […]

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You were right!

15 April 2008 Baby days

It’s on days like these that I truly love my one-year sabbatical in SAHM-land. I started the day with a coffee date with Andrea, who gets sweeter every time we meet. She took the most gorgeous photos of Lucas… I stole this one, but you should pop on over to her site to take a […]

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Rain and reptiles on a Saturday afternoon

14 April 2008 Baby days

I vividly remember the first time I took then two-week old Tristan out of the house by myself. It was the day my mother left after a week’s visit, and I was weepy with her departure and Beloved’s return to work and unsure how I’d manage to take care of the baby all by myself. […]

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Sling vs baby carrier

11 April 2008 Baby days

In your comments on the post about how Lucas doesn’t like to be put down, a few of you mentioned how slings saved your life. I have a second-hand Baby Bjorn carrier that I used on and off for Simon, but Lucas doesn’t seem to like it. Mind you, we’ve only tried it two or […]

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