A box of raisins

29 March 2007 Infertility

The forecast called for a mild day with drizzle, a nice change from the month-long deep freeze we had been enduring. I happily dug my long spring coat from the back of the closet where it had been languishing behind our heavy winter gear. I shrugged into it and ran out the door, late as […]

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Children of Men book club

5 March 2007 Books

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my 10-pages-in book review of PD James’ Children of Men. At the time, I mentioned I’d read the book to be a part of today’s Barren Bitches Book Club tour. The idea is that each person who participates in the book club submits a question to the group, […]

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Ten-pages-in book review: Children of Men

31 January 2007 10-pages-in

This was supposed to be a 10-pages-in book review of PD James’ Children of Men. But the book was really good and I accidentally read the whole thing on the train going to and from my conference in Kingston last week before I could write the review. Oops, sorry about that. I was surprised at […]

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How do you know?

29 December 2006 Frostie

How do you know your family is complete? How did you decide? Did you always know? Did you just stop? Were you forced to stop by circumstance, or forced to accept more than you expected? What’s it like for families who don’t have the spectres of infertility and loss lurking in the shadows of their […]

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Saying goodbye to frostie

2 August 2006 Frostie

I’ve always believed in a greater order to the universe, if not in an actual higher power. Not exactly fate, because I believe we do control our own destinies. But I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. That makes it only marginally easier to say goodbye to frostie. No need to pee on […]

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I have no idea what to call this post

1 August 2006 Frostie

I’ve spent a lot of this past week and a half pretty much obsessed with my breasts. They’ve always been the canary in the coal mine, my first indicator of pregnancy. As such, I must have groped myself several thousand times since frostie became toastie. There are entire freshman classes at large universities who have […]

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The emotional gamut that is the two-week wait

27 July 2006 Frostie

It’s been a week since frostie became toastie – or, as Beloved has christened it, “Stickie”. We’re half way to resolution and I’m finding the wait much harder than I expected. I know, I’m not exactly famous for my patience in the first place, but I kind of figured that I would have less emotional […]

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Baby pictures!

22 July 2006 Frostie

So I didn’t get the artistic blog photo I wanted, but I can at least share this picture of the transfer. You’re looking at an ultrasound of my interior plumbing – isn’t it exciting? The big dark ‘sea’ at the top of the picture is my very, very full bladder, and the bottom half shows […]

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"Your mucous is lovely!"

21 July 2006 Frostie

It’s not every day you get a compliment like, “Your mucous is lovely” but being the affirmation-junkie that I am, I’ll take it! That’s what one of the two (two!) reproductive endocrinologists (RE) who helped turn frostie into a toastie yesterday told me. He also said I have an ideal uterus, and I’m filing that […]

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3.. 2.. 1.. GO!

19 July 2006 Frostie

Oh look, it’s yet another post in the ongoing saga of “oh for the love of god, will you either get pregnant or shut up about it already”. Well, we’re almost there. And when I say”we” I mean “we” as in all of us, because I’m really enjoying having a couple hundred of you along […]

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