23 June 2006 Frostie

You, my bloggy friends, have been wonderful thing week. Thank you for your jokes, all of which I will file away to later torture friends, colleagues and strangers on the street. Thank you for your support, and your kind words, and your suggestions on how to brush my kids’ teeth. Y’all are rockstars in my […]

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Emotional wreckage

22 June 2006 Frostie

Ah, there’s nothing like a good meltdown to clear your head. Maybe the toddlers are on to something? Apparently, I’m not taking this whole frostie thing with the zen detachment I thought I was. I was talking to a friend today, my knickers in a twist supposedly about all the *other* things I’m trying to […]

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The Great OPK Adventure

20 June 2006 Frostie

I call the clinic, because I have one stick left in my box of five, and I’m guessing that since my life is never straightforward and uncomplicated, I’m going to have to buy another box of ovulation predictor kits. The nurse confirms that yes, I’ll have to buy another kit if my surge isn’t detected […]

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The one with too much information

15 June 2006 Frostie

I’m standing in the ‘family planning’ aisle of the drug store, ostensibly to buy my ovulation predictor kit, except I’m distracted by – did you know they make condoms with little disposable vibrating rings on them? God bless technology. I shake myself from a bit of a daydream, the details of which I decline at […]

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6 June 2006 Frostie

It’s day one. Here we go! (breathe, breathe…) It’s ‘day one’ of my pre-transfer mock cycle. Aren’t you excited? I’m positively giddy! For those of you who haven’t been committing this stuff to memory, here’s the plan: Next Thursday, June 15, I start using a pee-on-the-stick ovulation predictor kit. The OPK detects the surge of […]

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Fertility watch

3 May 2006 Frostie

Warning: too much information alert! You are about to read about my bodily functions, the monthly girly ones. Consider yourself warned. This is the last chance to avert your eyes before gratuituous descriptions of “female troubles”. So you probably haven’t been nearly as obsessed with my “moon tide” as I have been. That’s perfectly okay. […]

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Three is the New Two

6 April 2006 Frostie

We’ve just come back from our consultation with our reproductive endocrinologist (RE), aka our fertility doctor, to discuss what we’re going to do with our frostie. (For those of you new to the conversation, we have a single frozen embryo, our ‘frostie’, left over from the IVF that resulted in Tristan.) First, the facts: the […]

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By choosing not to decide, does that mean I’ve made a choice?

8 February 2006 Frostie

There’s an old Rush song that goes, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” I seem to be quite good at living my life like this. We didn’t choose to have Simon; he just kind of appeared in our lives. We hadn’t set out to buy a new house when […]

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The rest of the (IVF) story

30 December 2005 Frostie

Yesterday, I told you the long and raw back-story to our infertility struggles. The good news is, today’s story is a lot less painful to read. And it has a happy ending! Now that I’ve blown the suspense…We started our first IVF cycle in May of 2001. In addition to ramping up the dose of […]

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Paying the price of indecision

22 August 2005 Frostie

Last week, I sent another cheque for $300 to our fertility clinic, and bought myself another year of indecision. Tristan was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the summer of 2001. At the time he was conceived, a total of three embryos were created. Because of my relative youth and reproductive health, the doctors […]

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