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Postcards Exclusive: Conversation with NORAD’s Santa Tracker

20 December 2013 Happy holidays

This? Is so cool! Rarely am I *this* excited to publish a post! ff you’ve been around for a while, you might remember I spent some time working with the Canadian Army. When I was there, I was lucky enough to work with Captain Jennifer Stadnyk, and long after I left we stayed in touch […]

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In which she clearly illustrates that she is NOT a graphic designer

8 May 2013 It IS all about me

Hey! Did I mention I’m doing a presentation at Social Capital Ottawa this year? I am so excited about it! And it’s a topic that is becoming more and more dear to my heart – how to find and use images for your website, blog and social sharing without violating copyright and getting sued in […]

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Yep, she’s still blogging eight years later

4 February 2013 It IS all about me

A part of me says, “Wow, has it already been eight years since your first blog post?” And another part of me says, “Seriously, it’s only been eight years? Seems like much longer than that.” Well, in a way I suppose it has been. I created my first website dedicated to photos and stories about […]

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Instagram wants to sell your photos – for free

18 December 2012 How I love the Interwebs

Yesterday, Instagram announced a change in its terms of service (TOS). It says that from now on, it has the right to sell your photos to third parties for purposes of advertising. That’s right, your Instagram photo can now be used to advertise everything from breakfast cereal to cures for VD – without your permission […]

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A lament for comments

27 July 2012 Meta-blogging

Sigh. I just tried to post a comment on a large and popular blog-gone-commercial. I had a long and thoughtful comment typed out, and then I tried to post it. The site wanted me to sign in with a user-ID and password I probably acquired back in 2006 or so, the last time I was […]

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Now appearing on Today’

26 June 2012 How I love the Interwebs

When I started this blog a million years ago, one of the dreams I held was that I might some day have my writing published in a major glossy magazine. My storytelling focus has wandered from my keyboard to my camera over the years, but I have never lost my love of telling a good […]

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Get your 2012 BOLO on!

8 May 2012 Life in Ottawa

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know one of my favourite events of the summer is the annual Blog Out Loud Ottawa event organized by the irrepressible Lynn. She has managed to make this event better every single year since its inception in 2009, and I can’t wait until this year’s edition. We […]

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In which she agonizes over Pinterest

27 February 2012 How I love the Interwebs

I am seriously addicted to Pinterest. I am a natural hoarder, and so I love collecting things that take up no physical space. I love pinning photographic inspiration, crafty ideas, recipes and inspiration for future home renovations and decoration. I found the Star Wars family stickers that so delight me via Pinterest. I’ve got an […]

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Happy Bloggy Birthday to Me!

10 February 2012 It IS all about me

So February is definitely birthday season in our house — Simon last week, Lucas this week, and my mom a couple of weeks from tomorrow. But there’s another birthday squeezed in there — SEVEN years ago last week I wrote my first blog post. Who could have ever guessed where it would lead? I can’t […]

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Something I’ve been meaning to say…

20 January 2012 Meta-blogging

Mommyblogger, a photo by Dani_Girl on Flickr. Cuz yanno, sometimes a picture does say it so much better than a thousand words could.

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