Photo of the day: Lucas’ first soccer game

Well, I’m pretty sure he’s no David Beckham, but you’ve never seen a happier kid than Lucas at his first ever soccer game. And look, for at least one shutter click, he was paying attention to the ball!

Soccer star

Five things I learned at our first soccer game:

1. It’s hella walk from the playground where we parked at the South Gower soccer fields to where the kids actually play. Like, a kilometer walk. Apparently there are four lots, and we chose the furthest. Now we know.

2. Lucas can eat a LOT of watermelon.

3. This is the first level they have goalies, and the kids take turn in goal. I think I have the flu the night Lucas is in goal. I’m not built to withstand that sort of stress.

4. The time passed a lot more quickly than I expected, and I enjoyed it more than I expected, too. Lucas didn’t stop smiling the whole night. And a few times, he actually watched the play.

5. When it’s down near 10C and windy, worry less about the bug spray and more about bringing a blanket. I’m still shivering. Lucas, on the other hand, was in shorts and his new jersey and didn’t notice it was cool.

It’s going to be a fun season!

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6 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Lucas’ first soccer game”

  1. I was going to comment on your earlier post that it won’t be something you have to “survive” but something you may just end up enjoying.. but I didn’t want to sound like Pollyanna! fresh air (maybe a tad too fresh even), kids having fun, parents cheering them on.. and no skates to tie!
    I think, my friend, you turn out to be a soccer mom after all 🙂

  2. No skates to tie, that is the BEST!!! Lucas absolutely loves his “sharkey” shoes BTW – thank you again and again for those! And never fear, this is a Pollyanna-friendly zone – positivity is always welcome here. Especially, ahem, when you are correct. 😉

  3. Yeah Lucas – I remember watching those practice sessions in the cold and rain – but my car was parked right at the edge of the field where I could sit and read a book? – no no sit and watch Sean (lol)

  4. LOL Madeleine, the white socks were me shopping at GT Boutique for cheap socks, knowing we’d get proper soccer socks at the first game. Black from here on in!

  5. And Mom? You know I’m going to drag you out to Kemptville for a game before the end of summer, right? No watching from the car, either! 😉

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