In which she capitulates to being a soccer mom

We are not exactly, if you haven’t yet noticed, a sporty family. I’ve made great strides (pun intended) this year to lead a less sedentary life, though, and have been encouraging the boys to be as active as possible as well. So when Lucas expressed an interest in soccer for the second year in a row, I didn’t feel like I should keep dodging the ball. And really, isn’t it some sort of parental rite of passage to sit huddled on the sidelines on a late spring evening that feels more like March than June, with skies threatening rain and mosquitoes the size of sparrows? Okay, so I’m not exactly falling over with enthusiasm, but for Lucas I will persevere.

100:365 Future NBA career

(I don’t have any soccer pictures yet, so this one circa 2011 will have to suffice as our baseline. He’s got a lot of room for growth, right?)

I post this to solicit your best tips and tricks for surviving the summer soccer seasons, oh clever and experienced bloggy peeps. All I can think to bring is a lawn chair, some bug spray, an umbrella and of course my camera. What else do we need to survive our first game – and the rest of the season, too? What are your best soccer-parenting tips?

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2 thoughts on “In which she capitulates to being a soccer mom”

  1. Leave the phone in the car or at home. Don’t take it out and look at it (half time is sometimes an exception). You’d be surprised how much you can miss in a couple seconds. Don’t be afraid to sit near the other parents; you’ll get to know which ones you’ll like sitting beside and chatting with pretty quickly. Take the time, because the games go a lot faster.

    I like watching the game and disconnecting… and sometimes yelling at the referee. It’s very relaxing. I’m kidding about the referee yelling. No, really.

  2. Wait, what? I shouldn’t be live-blogging the whole thing? Ooo, maybe I can Periscope it! 😉

    (Good grief, it took me FOUR tries to pass the captcha!)

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