Sassy and Boon, a love story

by DaniGirl on May 25, 2012 · 2 comments

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I would not ordinarily lift content wholesale from another site. However, I think (I hope?) the Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) will forgive me. This is a story that needs a larger audience.

I might have been flipping idly through LAWS’ website, thinking about dogs. My sweet Katie dog turned 13 years old yesterday. Those two facts are mutually exclusive, I will insist. Loudly. We already love LAWS, because it was at LAWS that we found our darling, mischievous and endearingly photogenic Willie, just about a year ago.

So I was looking at dogs on the LAWS website, in a non-committal sort of way, which is, by the way, the exact way in which we ended up with the aforementioned Willie. Before we go any further, let me spoil the ending thusly: this story does not end with another trek out to Smiths Falls to adopt a new family member. (Yet.) But when I read the story of Sassy and Boon, not only was I moved to tears, I was also moved to immediately make a donation to LAWS, because they are so wonderful. And I want to share the story with you, because it is a lovely story well told, and it deserves to be shared. This is what I read:

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places. Have you ever been in love? Not the kind of fleeting infatuation that burns devastatingly hot for the blink of an eye and is then gone as if never there at all; but rather the faith that your bond keeps you safe, that no matter where you may end up – if you’re together, you’re home. Sound hokey? Get a load of this.

Boon is a big, lanky, slobbery hound. He betrays in his gaze the wisdom of the ages. He carries himself with calm dignity and humility. He lumbers around barely aware of the vast number of lipomas (harmless cysts) that capture the attention of all those who meet him – even the udder-like one that swings below him. He’s not a young hound and consequently struggles at times to hear, but a clap will usually get his attention. He doesn’t need much, a warm bed, grub and the love of his life – Sassy.

Sassy is a Maltese mix. She’s twice the size of Boon’s biggest lump. She’s quiet and prefers to exist in the shadow of her giant companion. She’s not a young lady, and as such doesn’t see so well, but she can identify through sense, smell and what little vision she has her partner and protector – Boon.

Boon and Sassy grew old with their loving owner. Never having met their owner I can say with certainty they were loved. They are gentle and affectionate in a way that is fostered by a thoughtful caretaker. Divided by age, this unlikely team came to L.A.W.S.

A typical day for the pair is a run in the yard once everybody else is out. The door to their crate, where they’ve spent the night curled together – not for warmth, but for comfort, is opened, and Boon slowly rises. Watching him get up is like watching the sun rise. First his head, then the longest of front legs extended fully – the mandatory stretch – and he’s up. He exits slowly as Sassy prepares for movement.

They move slowly, without a care around the yard full of barking. They are connected by what appears to be an invisible tether. There is a precise distance that can develop between them at which point Sassy instinctively abandons what she’s doing and catches up.

Back inside the Med room, where they are free to move about, but choose most often to cuddle, Boon is given a Milkbone. He cracks it to slobbery dust and wears a representative amount on his jowls. Sassy is also given a treat, but isn’t clear-sighted enough to see exactly where it landed. Just as you might expect Boon’s giant head finds its way to the bone and slowly, with determination he plucks up the bone in his mouth…turns to his love and unceremoniously drops it between her paws.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Love is blind.

Is that not the best story you’ve read all week? There’s currently a picture of Sassy and Boon here, if you’d like to look. It’s worth the click. If I did not already have a 13 year old mostly deaf, largely blind, creaky, attitudinal, amazing and deeply loved dog in my house already, who has patiently endured the arrival of not only three boisterous boys but also a feisty cat (with an unimaginable amount of grace and patience) I would be on my way to give Sassy and Boon the home they deserve for their twilight years.

LAWS, you are good peeps.

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1 Jen Hughes May 29, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Awwwww…*sniff* I love LAWS too. We got our crazy kitty there about a year ago as well. That is such a sweet story, and I must say, quite well-written! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

2 Lisa May 30, 2012 at 7:55 am

Yup, that is one amazing story. So glad you shared it. *tear. Poor sweet ol’ doggies. I hope they find them a great home together.

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