Porch portraits are three times as much fun with triplets!

by DaniGirl on May 20, 2012 · 1 comment

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So far I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing not one, not two but three sets of twins for family portraits — but I have to tell you, I was particularly excited to meet this family when I heard they had five-year-old TRIPLETS. How fun is that?

Funny, though I was expecting a bit (okay, quite a bit) of chaos, these guys — and a girl! — were great! And did I mention adorable? Lookit those eyelashes!

MC kids

While we spend a lot of time focusing on (pardon the pun!) the kids during a family session, it’s always nice to get a picture of just mom and dad, too. (Also, it’s much easier to focus on someone who stands still for more than three seconds.)


We tried to get a picture with the whole family and Monty, their 13 year old dog. Oh, so THIS is where that old adage comes from, “never work with dogs AND kids.” The kids were great, but the dog really was a challenge! This one never quite worked out, so it’s not exactly frameworthy — but it is a good example of why you should schedule shots like this at the beginning of a session instead of at the end. And I think it’s a very, um, real portrait.

MG family

This, on the other hand, worked out much better. See that lovely purple flowered dress that daughter C is wearing? Her mom MADE that. Mom to preschool triplets (and a dog) and she makes clothes like that. Aren’t you impressed? I am!

MG family collage

Thank you, M-C family, for coming out for porch portraits on a lovely day in early spring. The kids were adorable and it was lovely to work with all of you!

My openings for porch portraits this summer are already more than half full now (!!) so if you’re thinking about booking a porch portrait for your family, please contact me soon!

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1 Natalie May 21, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Hi Dani, Just saw this. What an awesome writeup :0) Thank you for hosting us on your “porch” and for putting up with our shenanigans! Kids, dog, frazzled mum and all! I can’t wait to get our order.

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