Because sometimes, you just need a treat

I‘ve been working on the healthy living thing lately. I’ve done pretty good — I’ll tell you in a separate post about how well the hundred-push-ups thing is going, and I’ve lost another couple of the pounds I regained. Yay!

But sometimes, you need a treat. No matter how healthy my choices, there will always be room in my life for splurges. Because dammit, I’m worth it.

I’ve just indulged in one of my very favourite treats: wavy (ruffled, not rippled) Lays potato chips and Helluva Good Onion dip. Mmmm-mmm, lip-smackin’ deliciousness! And you know what? I do not feel in the least bit guilty about it.

(I am, however, feeling a little sheepish about the compulsion to go back for a second helping. Which is exactly why I never keep that kind of food in the house. I think the “once in a blue moon” kind of indulgence makes it that much more delicious, but then I simply must get it out of the house!)

And really, don’t you think it’s worth it to indulge a little bit every now and then? Cookies every day after dinner is a bad habit, but splurging on *really good* cookies every now and then is nirvana!

When you’ve earned a treat, or when you need a treat, or when you really, really want a treat — what do you reach for? When you must scratch that itch for junk food, what’s your go-to treat? Is it chocolate? Ice cream? Oreos? What’s your favourite indulgence?

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16 thoughts on “Because sometimes, you just need a treat”

  1. Personally, I love chocolate bars (Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut) and my home-made vanilla almond sugar cookies! My husband gave me a new apron for Christmas that says “Will Cook for Chocolate.” I never feel that I need to earn a treat nor do I wait ’til I really, really want it. If my body tells me it wants a treat, I listen! LOL

  2. On the sweet side, peak freans shortcakes with a glass of milk are some of my favorites, by far.But not the only one I’ll crave, I am a big cookie fan.

    On the salt side, these days, I’d say peperidge farm little fishies. Or Miss Vickie’s, just plain regular ones.

    Hum.. now where are those cookies, do we have milk left?

  3. OHMYGOSH! I simply cannot resist Ruffles potato chips! YUM! Good choice, and nothing to feel guilty about because you do deserve it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We were recently gifted with an ice cream maker, and I currently have 3 kinds of ice cream in my freezer. It’s definitely my go-to treat. Plus, I feel like it IS ‘real food’, since I made it myself from ingredients I recognize. Fatty, sugary, chocolatey ingredients that I recognize. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. it’s ice cream. Any kind.

    But I’m like you and it has to be gone out of the house after Ive indulged. So for me, the best choice is one of those drumsticks? Because then it’s just one and there’s none left to overdo it lately.

    I want to start the hundred pushups and I’m going to! Tomorrow morning will be day 1!

  6. I’m 100% a chocolate girl. Paula, I love Fruit & Nut. That’s what my husband brings home for me when he thinks I’d like a treat.

    I also love gooey chocolatey squaries, like brownies, hello dollies, chocolate walnut squares… I could go on, but I need a snack.

    Looking forward to your hundred pushups update! I’m still working on mine.

  7. Did I forget dark chocolate? How could I forget dark chocolate?

    Since I gave birth 3 weeks ago, I overinduldge, but it’s ok, I get skinny while breastfeeding, so I can do it without weight issues.

  8. I am not a fan of the wavy chip or ruffled for that matter and I really dislike the dip. I do however love chocolate and icecream. I can’t imagine living in a world where these two things didn’t exist. Just today I bought myself a treat at Laura Secord. The Easter leftovers were 75% off and I couldn’t resist.

  9. Ruffles and dip are my favourite treat too! I also can’t keep it in the house unless I have given myself permission to eat the whole thing. It’s an occasional, but well-loved treat.
    A little chocolate every evening is nice too. I actually see this as being good for you, and feel no guilt whatsoever for this indulgence.

  10. We had a bit of a splurge this weekend… crusty baguette slices topped with blue brie and red pepper jelly. *swoon*

    P.S. This is in no way indicative of the type of food we normally eat. I wish!

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