January 2010

Project 365: The Penultimate Week!

15 January 2010 Photo of the Day

There’s good news and bad news from the land of Project 365 this week. The good news is: next week is the big finale!! Only six days to go!! The bad new is: next week is the big finale!! Okay, not really. While I’m a little anxious about both what will happen on day 366 […]

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Delurker Day 2010

14 January 2010 How I love the Interwebs

Well, wouldja lookit that? Turns out today is Delurker Day 2010. You know what this means, right? You have to pay your annual toll by delurking and letting me know something about you. Lord knows y’all know more than enough about me; now it’s time to turn the tables and pay the piper and whatever […]

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Words: Banished and Best of 2009

14 January 2010 Wordplay

It’s a great week for content here at the Mothership. Earlier in the week, we had a righteous (but, as always, entirely civil) debate about parenting, and today we have some word geekery. All we need is a cute kid anecdote and we’ve hit the “my favourite things” trifecta!! I’ve blogged about Lake Superior State […]

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Talk to me about Nova Scotia!

13 January 2010 Ottawa to Nova Scotia 2010

Hey bloggy peeps, talk to me about Nova Scotia. We’ve been to Bar Harbor in Maine and Quebec City, but we’ve always wanted to go to Nova Scotia and have started talking about driving out there this summer. Three little kids in the car for four or five solid days of driving? Who wouldn’t want […]

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The most patronizing thing you can say to me

12 January 2010 Mothering without a licence

As you might have guessed from the longevity of this blog, I like to discuss parenting issues. I’ll compare notes with any parent, any time. I often find it’s the first area of common ground I establish with someone — do you have kids? If not, there’s always the default – do you have parents? […]

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In which she joins the ranting multitudes on Apple’s ridiculous iTunes gift card policies for Canadians buying apps

11 January 2010 Consumer culture

So I got an iPod Touch for Christmas, as I mentioned. And, as I mentioned, even though I hadn’t even asked for it and when I opened it, wasn’t entirely convinced I wanted it, in the two weeks I’ve had it I’ve come to love it dearly. It didn’t take long for me to start […]

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At least he comes by it honestly!

9 January 2010 Tristan

Please indulge me in a moment of shameless bragging. I’m practically bursting with pride. I got a call from Tristan’s teacher this week. (I swear, getting a call from the school elicits the exact same physical response in me now that getting called to the principal’s office did when I was a schoolchild myself. That […]

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The City responds to your question about composting

8 January 2010 Life in Ottawa

I could have put this in the original post about Green Bins and composting, but it’s a couple of days old now and I wanted to make sure you guys saw it. One of our regular commenters, Windex, asked the following question: You know I was talking about the bin to the hubby last night […]

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Project 365: In which she comes perilously close to running completely out of things to photograph

8 January 2010 Photo of the Day

After more than 350 days of taking pictures, I’m running out of steam. I still love taking the pictures and processing the pictures and especially sharing the pictures, but I have to admit that I’m just not as keen to go out and hunt for the pictures, yanno? So most of this week’s photos were […]

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On daycare, yet again

7 January 2010 Working and mothering

It’s been a good long time since I’ve bitched about child care, hasn’t it? I think we’re loooong overdue! The reason it’s been a good long time since I’ve bitched about child care is because I’ve been so happy with the young nanny who has been coming to the house since I went back to […]

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