In which Beloved is completely weirded out in the library

On the weekend, Beloved and Lucas went to the library to pick up a couple of books on hold. While he was there, scanning the books into the self-serve check-out, he heard someone say, “Hey look, there’s Lucas!”

He turned around to see someone he had never met before. The woman quite pleasantly introduced herself as a reader of the blog, and in turn introduced Beloved to her husband. “Oh, hello,” said her husband. “My wife has told me about your family. It’s nice to meet you.”

He didn’t catch (or didn’t remember) the name of the nice lady and her husband, but I’m pretty sure I know who it was. Funny how you never see some people who live in your neighbourhood out in the community, and you run into other people all over the place. This particular family I’ve bumped into at the grocery store more than once, at the gym, and now at the library. Too funny! *waves to nice neighbourhood friends*

Beloved came home and told me about his brush with minor celebrity, laughing but with a bit of a weirded out look in his eyes. “That’s it,” he said, and I think he was only half joking. “I think we’re done with the blog thing now.”

I had to laugh. Poor Beloved! You see lots of angst in the blogosphere about the effect that blogging your life has on the children, but not so much about the effect on the privacy-coveting spouse. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll come around the next time there’s chocolate bar or video game freebies to be reviewed!

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6 thoughts on “In which Beloved is completely weirded out in the library”

  1. Hope he doesn’t think it’s anything like the Jon & Kate syndrome!! (kidding!!)

  2. I think I’d be kind of weirded out too if some stranger snagged me in public and claimed to know all about me. Because this was a nice friendly person, but how many other people are out there who know stuff about you and would recognize you in public who are maybe a little “off”?? That’s why I try to stay as anonymous as possible.

  3. Hey hey, it was me! I didn’t mean to startle him because I was ready to go pass him until my own little boy said “mommy, who is this little boy? then I couldn’t help it and said out loud that it was baby L… then his father turned around like he’d seen a ghost! Sometimes I think I am a stalker since I seem to see you and your family everywhere! Net time I’ll walk by quietly…But my husband knows that I get a lot of info about family life in Ottawa from you blog, it’s very informative and I enjoy reading it everyday and many other blogs too. Hope I didn’t scare them!

  4. I was also thinking of Jon as in Kate plus 8. I do think that Beloved is much better looking though.

  5. Your blog’s readership may exacerbate this, but I’ve found that when I go out and about, Curious Girl knows a lot more people than I do (kids, usually, who she’s been in camp or school with, as opposed to grownups recognizing her). But sometimes the kids’ parents know her but not me. It’s a little weird, yes.

  6. If this ever happened to Calder (I’ve had readers say they know who he is, although not lately), I would come under major, serious pressure to close the blog immediately.

    Not that it’s very much open these days. But still.

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