I’m outraged!

18 October 2006 Life, the Universe and Everything

I’m outraged! Outraged, I tell you. Is nothing sacred? I got a set of documents back from an editor the other day, which in itself is usually enough to twist my knickers. (I’m not so fond of being edited. I don’t mind it when they catch actual mistakes, but I tend to bristle over suggestions […]

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Revenge of the lowly comma

11 August 2006 Wordplay

One of my favourite posts was the ‘zed versus zee’ pronunciation debate, and not just because it still generates at least one hit a week. I just have a strange affection for the idiosyncracies of language. Like yesterday, I spent half an hour researching whether or not I had to use a serial comma. Apparently, […]

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Zed versus zee, a love-letter to Nancy

21 October 2005 Wordplay

It’s Nancy’s fault. She asked “So, which one is it (zed or zee)? Anyone know? And should we really care? Is it really a Canadian versus American thing? Or something else?” Ooo ooo ooo! (dances in chair, waving hand in the air) I know, I know! I care!! In fact, my darling Nancy, it is […]

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