Mothering without a licence

In defense of t(w)een trick-or-treaters

30 October 2014 Mothering without a licence

Oh hypocrisy, thy name is mother. If parenting has taught me anything, it’s that any righteous judgement I make will promptly or eventually come back to bite me on the ass. Once upon a year or two ago, I was firmly of the opinion that trick-or-treating was and should remain the domain of young children. […]

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24 things every Canadian child should do before age 12

17 June 2014 Mothering without a licence

When I saw this, I knew I had to share it. What perfect timing! ParticipAction is calling on Canadian families to celebrate June 21, the first day of summer, as the Longest Day of Play by encouraging kids to get out and get active. Here’s their list of 24 things every Canadian child should do […]

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A wee ramble on decency, school rules, dress codes and photoshop

30 May 2014 Mothering without a licence

Much has been made of the perennial warm-weather debate about school dress codes recently. I’ve pretty much stayed out of the debates not because I don’t find it an interesting topic – I do! – but because I’m pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. I think the schools do have a right to establish and […]

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McDonald’s finally does away with “girl” and “boy” toy question

21 April 2014 Life, the Universe and Everything

I started to rant about this on Facebook, but the ensuing conversation in my kitchen inspired me to bring it back to the blog. Waaaaaaaaay back in 2006, I ranted my displeasure at being offered the choice between a “boy” toy and a “girl” toy happy meal at McDonald’s. I’d asked for a Polly Pockets […]

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Manotick families – have your say about George McLean park

15 April 2014 Mothering without a licence

This blog post is part PSA and part rant. The PSA part is that the city is planning to update the play structures at George McLean park in Manotick. (Thanks to the Manotick Village and Community Association for the notification on this one!) According to the MVCA parks and recreation page: The City is replacing […]

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Encouraging risk-taking on the playground

31 March 2014 Mothering without a licence

The boys and I were in the car, on the way to swimming lessons in a snowstorm (seminal Canadian childhood experience, right?) and we’re listening to Michael Enright on CBC Sunday Morning. He’s talking about this National Post article by Sarah Boesveld, about a New Zealand school that “had stopped reprimanding students who whipped around […]

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Do you restrict what your kids can read?

23 March 2014 Books

Had you told me before I had kids that I’d be reading aloud each night to my kids beyond the age of ten, I’d have laughed. I mean, sure, we’re a bookish family, and reading is sacred – but I would not have imagined that they would still not only enjoy but actively request out-loud […]

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Part time work, full time mom: five years later

19 March 2014 Working and mothering

I‘m listening to a call-in show on CBC radio about workplaces making accommodations for parents, and in between grinding my teeth and rolling my eyes I’m repressing the urge to call in myself. Conveniently, I have another medium through which to vent my opinions on this subject, and I’ve been thinking about blogging about this […]

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Tips from TELUS for Safer Internet Day

10 February 2014 Mothering without a licence

The older the boys get, the more concerned I am about their online safety. The ‘net can be treacherous for savvy adults, let alone kids – will they click on a phishing link and download some malware? Will they be exposed to inappropriate content? Will they be bullied or worse? And yet, I’d be hypocritical […]

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In which she has to re-evaluate her entire parenting philosophy

26 October 2013 Ah, me boys

I recently had one of those moments that make you completely rethink everything you’re doing as a parent. Like most world-shaking insights, it was innocuous in its beginnings. Tristan and I were standing in line at Pet Smart, buying dog food. There’s a Bulk Barn next door, and I’d wanted to pick up a few […]

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