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Kitchen remodel phase one: In which the schedule gets accelerated

2 May 2016 Happy @ home

We’d just paid the deposit and signed the contract on our kitchen renovation, with work scheduled to begin in late May, when the contractor sent me an email. “We’ve had an opening and our next client wants to delay construction until June. How do you feel about starting on Monday?” Um, Monday? Five days hence […]

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Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Granny and Papa Lou

19 February 2016 It IS all about me

As it goes, 1966 was a pretty interesting year. The first episodes of Star Trek and Batman aired on TV, and the Oscar for Best Picture went to The Sound of Music. Truman Capote published In Cold Blood, the US Food and Drug Administration declared “the Pill” safe for contraceptive use, NASA launched Lunar Orbiter […]

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A non-tech mom’s guide to Google Cardboard and VR (Part two : Mind = blown)

29 December 2015 Life, the Universe and Everything

Last we saw our heroine, she had braved the wilds of Google and Amazon, wandered the badlands of “available to US residents only”, faced down the demons of bleeding-edge technology and come out victorious brandishing a View-Master VR viewer for Google Cardboard. (Read part one of this post here.) I’d been reading about Coardboard and […]

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A non-tech mom’s guide to Google Cardboard (Part one : Get Cardboard)

27 December 2015 Life, the Universe and Everything

Through October and November this year, I became increasingly intrigued by Google’s efforts to make virtual reality (VR) accessible to the masses through its Google Cardboard device. “Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and inexpensive way with Google Cardboard.” My curiousity was originally piqued by the ways we might harness the nascent technology in […]

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Christmas traditions FTW: The reindeer rant

6 December 2015 Happy holidays

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve recycled this post, but it somehow just doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve shared it again. Besides, with a new job and a new circle of friends, there’s a whole new audience to edumacate about this most important Christmas factoid. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to […]

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World Diabetes Day: Dylan’s Story

14 November 2015 Life, the Universe and Everything

In 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing a charming extended family on a farm just south of town. It was truly one of the warmest, most fun days of portraits and play in the five years I’ve been in business, and since that warm summer day on the farm, I’m happy to […]

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Five things I did not know about robins

6 May 2015 Life, the Universe and Everything

I wish I’d noticed much earlier that a pair of robins were busy building a nest in our porch light fixture. The top of the fixture had blown off in an autumn wind storm, but since it is in an area protected from the elements, I really didn’t stress about replacing it. Then one day […]

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National We Day 2015 is coming!

27 March 2015 Life in Ottawa

I posted a rant on Facebook the other day in response to one of those quotey photo card things that basically said “I’m happy my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises instead of apps and how many likes you get on a picture.” The whole sentiment behind it infuriated me – the idea that […]

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Weekend project: Re-upholstering the dining room chairs

27 July 2014 Happy @ home

We’ve had our dining room chairs for 15 years now. The summer we got married, we got them from the As-Is bin at Ikea, I know because the words “as is” are still written on the underside of them in indelible sharpie. For the $30 or so we paid for them, they’ve been worth their […]

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McDonald’s finally does away with “girl” and “boy” toy question

21 April 2014 Life, the Universe and Everything

I started to rant about this on Facebook, but the ensuing conversation in my kitchen inspired me to bring it back to the blog. Waaaaaaaaay back in 2006, I ranted my displeasure at being offered the choice between a “boy” toy and a “girl” toy happy meal at McDonald’s. I’d asked for a Polly Pockets […]

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